Monday, 12 January 2015

A Few Frugal Measures

On my blog list I follow quite a few frugal blogs and have always been interested in hearing how others try and succeed at living as frugally as possible. I try where I can to be frugal, but must admit that in the last year or two I have made a little less effort in this direction, partly due to having paid off my debts and having found that financially life has become a little easier from month to month. However, I still don't like to waste money, food, time, or anything else for that matter.  If something has life left in it and we can't use it, I'm always happy to donate it to a good cause and I still like to find bargains, of course, rather than paying full price for things, subject to availability that is.

Recently, I've taken to reading a few more new to me frugal blogs that I've found out about through other bloggers, one of which is The Non-Consumer Advocate blog.  It is written by Katy who regularly posts about the frugal measures she takes to manage on her budget.  A regular post that she does, is to list Five Frugal Things that she has done in a day or week or whatever period of time. It's a great idea and I have decided to do a similar post myself every now and again, where I talk about frugal outcomes I've managed to achieve in the past week or month.

This post is the first in the series, so here goes.  Since Christmas, I have.....

....bought all my individual Christmas cards, wrap, and a few presents in the sales, so that I don't need to spend more money than necessary on them next year. (I realise not everyone is able to do this, as if you don't have any room in your budget to buy ahead of time, this is impossible). Although it means a careful January and February, I always find this works for me and saves me having to buy these things at full cost in the lead up to Christmas.

....bought a couple of new items of clothing for Little Bird on eBay, (a wool mix winter pea coat and rain mac/parka for wetter weather) as she's recently outgrown her previous ones. Combined they cost less than £30. Both were a bit of a gamble, as sizing can be an issue when buying online, but they were both very nice quality, one a little large if anything (it can be grown into), and she seems happy to wear them, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I think I've not only saved money doing this, but I've also saved lots of time trudging around the shops with her, looking for suitable options.

....tried to be a little resourceful, in that, instead of buying myself a new pair of Hunter wellies, (these were on my Capsule Wardrobe list, as I've passed my old ones onto Little Bird, who had outgrown her own) I am using an old but sturdy and comfortable pair of green wellies I have had for a while. (They were found in the basement of our house when we moved in 7 years ago). To smarten them up a little and help them fit a little more snugly (they are a size too big), I have treated myself a bargain pair of Hunter cable wellie socks on eBay for £9 (RRP £28). This worked out much less expensive than buying a new pair of boots at £70+ per pair. I may consider buying a new pair next winter, but am trying to hold off for as long as I possibly can.

....I used a voucher I had from my My John Lewis loyalty scheme membership, to get a free cup of tea and a fresh cream scone whilst out shopping for clothes for Little Bird at the weekend.  It's always a treat to go and sit in their cafe and take a rest from the madness of the mall.


  1. I love NCA, she has a Facebook page as well where people can ask questions and get loads of feed back.

    God Bless.

    1. She's funny and very dedicated to being frugal. You've got to admire her. I'm not sure where I found her blog. It may have been from your blog. If so, thanks.

  2. I'll have to investigate this blog mentioned and the FB page. We have just bought a new washing machine. I have been quiet on my blog but am back now.