Friday, 9 January 2015

Keeping it Simple

Blog reading in the first week of this year and I've noticed that several bloggers like to give themselves a theme to work towards for the year ahead. I've decided to do something similar myself this year, and this year's theme I've decided, is 'Keeping It Simple'.

It has occurred to me recently, that in the past I've done certain things in my everyday life, in ways that were perhaps overly complicated and cumbersome and this year I'm aiming to sweep away the complications and make life simple. No more debts, complicated financial records, disparate wardrobe contents, cluttered living spaces, overly excessive spending habits and too ambitious blog challenges. Why don't I just make life easier for myself? So, that is what I'm doing in 2015.

The last two years of blogging and blog reading have been really instrumental in my getting to this point, (N.B. Thank you to all you inspiring bloggers out there, you know who you are.) as during this time, I've read many, many inspiring blog posts, which have given me ideas of how I can do things differently and more simply.  I've also been inspired to incorporate various challenges into my blogging, that have helped me to pay off almost all of my debts (save for the mortgage) and get to a point where simpler living is possible. Having created for myself a little more financial and mental freedom, I am hoping to use this to facilitate simplification in ways I've considered before.

Sometimes in life, you do things because you've always done them, and have never really stopped and reflected on why you do them or the way that you do them or whether they could be done differently. In the last two years I've really started to question why and how I've done certain things and I've realised that some of my habits or ways of doing things haven't necessarily been useful ones, so I've tried to curb them or change them. It's been difficult at times and it remains so, but I have made progress in some areas.  We all need a change sometimes, so as not to get stuck into a rut or continue down a path that isn't bringing about positive benefits and sometimes simple small changes can actually breathe new fresh life into areas of our lives that have become very stagnant, stifling and self defeating.

So, 2015 for me, is going to be all about making changes that help me in my goal of 'Keeping it Simple' and where possible I'll be tailoring some of my blog posts to this theme.

Hopefully, it should be an interesting year!

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