Wednesday, 20 July 2016

School Uniform Tales

This month, I decided to spread essential costs and made a point of ordering LB's new school uniform for next year before the end of term.

Her shirts are now in such a state that I am desperate to put them in the rag bag and her blazer has no buttons and is on the small side now (probably the reason why it has no buttons!).  Anyway, as planned, I ordered everything on line on the school website at the beginning of the month.

Within the week, the items had come home with LB and I happily set them aside, feeling slightly smug and organised.

Fast forward to this week and LB comes home with another set of the same uniform items.  The school had duplicated sending out the order.  I did the honest thing and sent them back with her this week, as I didn't want to be charged another £70 when they realised their mistake. When she got home, she said the school had thanked us for our honesty, but they probably wouldn't have charged us again anyway!!!

The very same morning I bumped into a neighbour, who told me that the school had sold out of everything and she couldn't get any uniform for her daughter, who was starting at the school in September, as the school was changing over to a new system.

Lo and behold, that night I received a letter from the school saying that they would no longer be selling the uniform and that parents would need to buy it direct from the stockist's website.  I  took a look at the quoted prices of the uniform and would you believe all of the prices had gone up for LB's size.  It would have cost me an extra £17 to buy the same items, plus another £4 to have it delivered to our home.

You could say, I was pleased that I'd got my backside into gear and bought them before the changeover. It paid for my log basket at least.


  1. You did very well by ordering the uniform pieces early. I wonder why the school decided not to sell them on any longer. One would think if they wanted the students to where a uniform they would continue to sell them. Must have been a cost saving on their part.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, I imagine that's probably the case and too time consuming I suppose.