Tuesday, 19 July 2016

An Unscheduled Shopping Trip

After the gym today, I sponaneously decided to pop to Home Bargains for a few toiletries that I had almost run out of and ended up having an unscheduled splurge between there, Poundland and TK MAXX.  It's the first time this month that I've been in any of these shops, but of course, once you do go in, you inevitably end up buying things that you didn't really intend to.  So here's what happened.

Poundland was the first stop, and I went here to get some Organic Compost Activator (£1) that I'd seen when I'd been in previously.  This helps to speed up the formation of compost in my compost bin, so I thought I'd get some and start using it regularly.   I also purchased a pack of these super colourful beetroot mix seeds (£1), which I'm looking forward to growing.

Whilst in there, there was a clearance sale on, as the shop was previously a Family Bargains, that was taken over a couple of months ago, so they were selling off all of the old stock. I also bought a waterproof map cover for our Camper van trip to Wales in a few weeks (50p), a wall hanging tomato grow kit with seeds included, which I thought I'd give a go next year, to facilitate growing as much food as I can in our garden (50p) and then when I got to the till I spotted three 8 packs of Warburtons Crumpets reduced to 50p each, so they came home with me too and went straight into the freezer. That's breakfast sorted for the rest of the month.

Next door, was Home Bargains, and although I only went in for some Distilled Witch Hazel, I came out having spent nearly £10, which included two bottles of the aforementioned, two bottles of mouthwash, one can of hairspray, one box of tissues, a drink, and this bag of Organic Chicken Manure for £1.99, which I will be using to fertilise my raised beds come the autumn.

Although it was a bit more than I had intended to spend, I was happy that everything I bought will get used over the coming months.

Finally, I called in at TK MAXX before heading home.  I needed some more dog poop bags, which I bought for £9.99 for a pack of 375.  It's supposed to be a six month supply, so it should keep us going for a good while.

I also bought a thin black leather belt for LB, as she has been using mine of late to wear with her new jeans.  The thing is, she's decided she likes mine better, which is okay, as I like this one, so we've kind of swapped.  It cost £5.99, which I think is very reasonable.

The last purchase from here was this Log Basket.   I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to get another one. Whilst I know that it isn't really necessary at this time of year, and more particularly on a day as hot as yesterday, I thought I'd just buy it, as I can guarantee that if I leave it, I won't find one I like as much. It was quite pricey at £16.99, but this was quite reasonable compared to some I'd seen on eBay, which also looked a lot less sturdy.  I have now removed the old one from the shed and transferred its contents into  this one. The size of this one is a lot more in proportion to our reception room, so I'm looking forward to getting it out again in the autumn and using it  for it's intended purpose.

Ironically, I didn't actually manage to find the main thing that I went in for, namely a gift for LB's teacher, who is leaving her school this summer.  I wouldn't ordinarily buy a present, but this teacher was very kind and encouraging towards LB when she was rehearsing for her big part in the school production this year, so I thought I'd make the effort.  This does mean that I've got to brave the store again this week, but I think I'll take LB with me and let her choose something.

A bit of a splurge then, but mostly consumables and very useful items that will pay for themselves many times over in use and convenience.


  1. I like the home wear at TK MAXX - I bought my new duvet cover there. I really like the log basket.

    1. Thanks Penny. Yes, I can spend hours in there looking at everything. I try not to bring too much home with me though.