Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Quiet Start to the Summer Holidays

After having our visitors this weekend, we've had a very quiet start to the summer holidays, which is just how we like it.  During the first week, it always feels good not to have a set routine and to just ease ourselves into the change.

On my walk with the dog this morning, I managed to borrow a couple of books from the local Little Free Library, this one for me, which is exactly the sort of book I enjoy reading,

 and this one for OH, which he's been wanting to read for a few weeks now.

The latter looks pretty well read, but it was free, so we've got no complaints there. I've been looking out for it at the CS, but hadn't seen it thus far, so when I saw it in the LFL, it was perfect timing, especially as he needed some holiday reading.

I also picked up this arch shaped piece of plywood left outside a house on our route. I'm going to use it to do some mosaic work this summer for the garden, as it will make the perfect base. I've got some chipped crockery that I've been keeping for the purpose.  I'll post about it when I eventually get around to doing it.

When I got back, LB came to the gym with me, as OH had to go out to meet a client. After my Zumba class, we did the food shopping and then came home, where we spent the rest of the day.

For me, that meant pottering, getting the house back to normal after our visitors, laundry/ironing and watching comedian Bo Burnham on Netflix.

Talking of watching TV, we've just finished watching American Odyssey on Netflix, which starred Anna Friel and was quite good.  I'm not sure whether there'll be a second series though.

On regular TV, I'm currently enjoying the Eden series on Channel 4 on Monday nights, which is about a group of 20+ people who are given the opportunity to live on an island in the Western Isles of Scotland for a year, build a new community and sustaining themselves by rearing livestock and growing their own food.  It's a very interesting programme and it is fascinating to see that it isn't an idyllic paradise and that human nature causes people to have different priorities and pull in completely different directions at times.

Tomorrow, I'm back at the CS and LB is staying home with OH.


  1. What a lovely start to your summer vacation.

    God bless.

  2. The Michael Foley book is on my to-read list. I read Embracing The Ordinary earlier this year, but I believe the book you have is more accessible (or at least he talks less about Proust).