Friday, 8 July 2016

An Afternoon in the Garden

This Friday I wasn't at the CS for a change, so I had the day to myself, which was a treat.  OH was heading off up to Yorkshire for a cycle race, whilst LB and I stayed in London.  As a consequence, I also had the house to myself which is quite rare these days.  (OH works from home!)

I didn't wake until gone 8 and then I had a pretty lazy morning, beginning with starting a new book in bed.  OH headed off at 9.30 am, so I then was free to do as I pleased.  To be honest I didn't do anything exciting. Just the usual catching up on housework and blog reading. I was going to take the dog to the allotment with me and do some more clearing, but I never did get there.

Instead, I decided to have a lovely afternoon in our little garden, pruning a neighbours tree that was over hanging the fence and trampoline at the back and had got a bit out of hand, along with some other shrubs that were obstructing the paths around the vegetable beds.

I managed to fill the brown bin and then filled another 3 sacks that I need to take to the tip this weekend, if I get the chance.

There's still a bit more to do inside the trampoline, which hasn't been used in an age due to the overgrowth, so it will be good to finally clear it and see if LB will get on it and do some jumping this summer.  (I doubt it!)

I think that she's perhaps outgrown it now, so we might pass it on to some neighbours if anyone wants it. I have to  admit that I have that corner earmarked for my potting table, pots and garden tools at some point in the future.  It would definitely help to tidy up the decking outside the back door and give us a bit more usable space.

Here's how it looked before I started work (this photo was taken a week or so ago, but you'll get the gist).

And here's what it looked like after I'd finished for the day.

A satisfying day that will make access to the trampoline and around the beds to harvest, a little bit easier.