Sunday, 21 June 2015


This Saturday was a little different to our normal Saturdays, whereby we spend most of our time at home.  We got ourselves out and about a little more and in all honesty I really enjoyed it.

Saturday started with LB working on a special gift she had prepared for OH for Father's Day.  She'd found the idea on YouTube and I must admit I was quite proud of her. She made some flapjack, and bought and bagged up some of his favourite treats and snacks, packed them into a shoe box and then made special labels for everything. It looked so cute.  Here's a picture of her little hamper gift.

OH loved it.  It was definitely his favourite gift.  She's promised to do something similar for me sometime, so I'll look forward to it.

Later that morning OH and LB headed off on foot to the Olympic Park to take the dog for a walk.  I meanwhile, had time to leisurely shower and get ready and drove over to meet them there.  We all then walked around a little which was nice, before LB and I headed to the big shopping mall nearby, to buy a gift for a friend's party she was attending later that afternoon.

As we were out over lunchtime, I got to treat myself to my favourite lunch, namely sushi from the Japanese store in the mall.  I love the sushi here, it's made fresh daily, is very flavoursome, and according to the label has nothing in it that shouldn't be there. Here's a picture of the sushi I got, with some pickled ginger which at £4 was really reasonable.  Don't ask me what they were called, some sort of avocado and salmon roll.  Definitely very scrummy.

In the past, I've sometimes bought sushi packs from supermarkets for lunch, but since tasting this sushi, other sushi just doesn't compare and I can no longer bring myself to eat it.  This is the best I've tasted so far.  I made sure to tell the girl on the till, who seemed very happy.  Sometimes it's nice to tell people when you really like something they do.

Anyway, we did the bits of shopping we needed to do, and I managed to pick up some reduced ticket half the carb and organic bread from Waitrose, which was a bargain. I have squirreled them away in the freezer for now, as we currently have a loaf in use.  I also found a new natural/organic shop that I've never noticed before. I will be back. Then it was home and OH came to pick us up, after continuing his walk with the dog.

Saturday afternoon, I decided to have a bit of a re-organisation of my kitchen cupboards.  It felt great to get them better organised.  (More in another post)  I then picked the blackcurrants that were growing in the garden, topped and tailed them and then set about making a rhubarb and blackcurrant jelly, to use up what was left of the rhubarb from the allotment.

It was another new departure for me, but it seemed to work quite well.  I added a sliced orange too and then left it in muslin to drip through  for a while, before using the pulp to make some more crumbles (minus the slices of orange), so no waste again.  I made up the jelly the following day and it looked and tasted great.  I'm really becoming a fan of making jellies, they're a bit messy when sieving the juice through and I've now got a purple muslin cloth, but I love the super clear results you get, especially when using rhubarb. Much better than a stringy looking mush that no one will eat but me.

An enjoyable and productive day.

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