Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Series of Events

Isn't it great how a simple blog post by someone else can trigger off a chain of events.

Firstly, it was great to see other bloggers joining in our little nosy into each others' kitchen cupboards. I always love reading posts where bloggers offer us a glimpse into their everyday lives.

Secondly, I was reminded that I had several more jars elsewhere in the house and by shuffling things around a bit, I was able to free up a couple more jars to put in the kitchen cupboard and store more food items.  This had the added benefit of saving me a little money, as I then didn't need to go and buy any more.

Thirdly,  the whole discussion of jars and storage got me back on track with my kitchen declutter, which had ground to a halt.  With a couple more jars to fill, I had a good sort through of my food cupboards and re-organised virtually all the food into just one cupboard.

This one.

It's so much more organised and yes, I do have a preponderance of tins on the middle shelf, which I bulk purchased from an online company to benefit from their free postage on a certain spend.  They are all regularly used items though so will be worked through in the next month or two.

I don't intend to keep so well stocked up permanently, so eventually there will be a little more room on this shelf, but still with savoury items on one side and sweet on the other.  Having overstocked does bode well for this week's shopping though, as there will only be fresh food to buy.

Now, store cupboard food is only kept in this cupboard and the cereal cupboard, (plus a few bits in the baking drawer, spice rack, bread bin and on the counter tops) which keeps life simple and streamlined and has freed up the top shelf in this cupboard where I kept any overflow of food items bought in bulk.

Consequently, I've now been able to thin out this cupboard, so that most of the regularly used things in there are much easier to find and reach for.

So, once again, thank you Mum, for setting off a very productive series of events with your post.


  1. Very nicely done!!

    I think I will be doing the one bedroom closet that we turned into a pantry. This is only used when we do a big stock up shop and then moved into regular storage once able.

    God bless.

    1. I;d love a proper pantry. I've always wanted one. Maybe one day.

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  2. If I can help somebody as I go along ….!