Friday, 5 June 2015

Almost Organic Yoghurt Lollies

I've been buying quite
a few different types of ice lollies lately, as the weather has warmed up and in all honesty I find the healthy ones especially to be quite an expense at £2 per box of 3 or 4.  I decided to go back to making some yoghurt lollies and thought it was about time that I used these lolly makers that I bought back in the January sales.

They cost about £5 and after an epic lolly fail last year, when I tried using some very cheap lolly moulds and couldn't get the lollies out no matter how hard I tried, at least not without breaking the plastic sticks, I decided it was worth investing in a decent set that were a bit more sturdy.  When I saw these in the John Lewis Sale, I just couldn't resist them although it's taken me quite a while to getting around to using them.

Anyway, I took a look around the kitchen to see what we had in that I could put in the lollies and came up with an overripe kiwi, a banana, some yoghurt, milk and orange juice.  The kiwi was the only non-organic ingredient, as I'd bought a huge bowl full for £1 from a market last week on my week of stretching the budget.

I whizzed up all of the ingredients with a hand blender stick and poured the mixture into each mould. The lids closed onto the mould with a very satisfying click, so they should be quite secure in the freezer.  I  liked that the kiwi seeds were in there, as it added an interesting texture to the lollies.

The next day I tried one out.

It did take a little while to get the lolly out of the mould, but after running the case under the tap for a few minutes it did the job and the lollies tasted  great.  Little Bird tried one too, but she wasn't quite as enamoured of the taste, as the kiwi fruit made it a little tart.  She wants to devise the  recipe next time which is fine with me.

I just have to make sure that the sticks don't get inadvertently thrown away, which often happens with these reusable sets, but otherwise I can see us making lots of different lollies this summer to keep us all cool.

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  1. I can remember making lots of these when my children were small. Not as healthy as yours though.

    God bless.