Saturday, 13 June 2015

Decluttering Update

I got back on the decluttering wagon this week and did a bit more towards finishing the kitchen declutter, the main job left being to tackle the broom/tall cupboard. As usual, I forgot to take a photo of the before for this cupboard, but there were a quite few more things in there when I started, that made it difficult to remove the things that I needed, when I needed to use them.

Anyway, the top shelf was gone through with a fine tooth comb and I relocated a box of ceramics that I had stored in there, to another cupboard in the hall.  I also decided to donate an old shopping trolley, which freed up lots of room and allowed me to actually put the ironing board in the cupboard.  I doubt that I'll use it again, even if I didn't have use of the car, I think I'd order my shopping online these days and get it delivered.

I threw out a few smelly old floor cloths that were lurking in this cupboard and then went through the shoe cleaning basket, removing and disposing of any empty polish tins and badly soiled dusters, etc.
The interior of the cupboard now looks like this.

Whilst concentrating on the kitchen I also sorted through my seed collection and threw out any seeds that were well out of date.  This accounted for over half of the ones in the box, which were mostly use before 2010/11.  I could try to use them all, but to be honest I have run out of patience, as several I have tried to use in recent years, just have not germinated.  There comes a point when you need to just give up and start afresh.

I also decided to donate this tea set, that I remember purchasing at an auction for £1 many years ago. Although I do like it, in all honesty, I can't actually remember ever using it and I have another tea set that was my mum's, that I would much rather keep, so it was time for it to go.

Later, whilst up in the sewing room, I also decided to donate this box full of wool.

It's mostly double knit acrylic.  I really don't knit very often, am unlikely to use it and have decided to keep just a few balls of  wool that I really like and will probably use.  Most of this wool for donation, was originally purchased very inexpensively from eBay or charity shops, so I'm happy to pass it on, as it is currently just sat under the bed.  I'm sure that someone who is a much better and more creative knitter than I, will be able to make good use of it.

It feels good to be making progress again..

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