Sunday, 28 June 2015

June Favourites

With summer well underway, this months favourites are going to include some of the things that I've been finding essential now that we've been having some hot summer days.  The first favourite this month has been these dark green mesh skater shoes.

I bought them from ASOS way back in February or March when they were on sale at £13.  I love flat shoes and these seemed to be on trend, practical (as there are no laces to tie), casual, but not too scruffy and so comfortable I can easily wear them all day.  What's not to like. I've been wearing them quite a lot since last month and love, love, love them.  Great with jeans, maxi skirts, hareem pants, cigarette pants. Definitely my favourite summer go to casual shoe. I might even be tempted to buy another pair before the summer is out.

My second favourite this month has been this bright orange/red lipstick by Illamasqua, that I received in the very first beauty box I bought a few months back.  It's not actually a natural or organic makeup product, but as I'd already received this before I started to pursue more natural beauty, I'm going to use it up, rather than just throw it out. (The same goes for all my lipsticks) Initially, when I tried this on for the first tme, it was quite dry on my lips and I wasn't sure I liked the formula.  After reading in a review that it can be used with a lip balm underneath, I decided to give this a try and found it felt much better on my lips when worn this way. As a result, its become a firm favourite this month and I've been wearing it a lot more.  I do like a bright red lip in the summer.

Talking of lipsticks, my next favourite is a small storage solution that I purchased from Tiger when we visited Brighton for the day last month.  It cost just £3 and is perfect to store my small collection of lipsticks, lip balms, lip pencils, etc., as they were starting to spill out of the place I'd previously kept them.  I love how this little rack looks and could happily buy other similar solutions for the rest of my makeup, but for now I'm just going to make do with what I have, as everything fits in perfectly for the moment.  In addition, I think that nine lipsticks, (the maximum that this holds) is plenty enough for me to own at any one point in time, so it should hopefully encourage me to keep things minimal and not to buy any more until I use one up and there is room to house it.

A floral favourite this month has definitely been my orange blossom bush in the back garden and how it beautifully intertwines with a lovely pale pink rambling rose that spills over the fence from next door.  The smell of the orange blossom is just delightful too and the sight of these two have been lifting my mood this month, every time I step into the garden and see them.  It doesn't flower over a long period, so it's good to appreciate it while it does.

Finally, this month I've started using a new face wash and I'm finding that it suits my skin very well. For most of this month I've been suffering breakouts, but since I've stopped using what I think was the cause, my skin is gradually getting back to normal.  I think this face wash has been helping, as it is very gentle with a herbal smell and it wasn't too expensive.  My previous face wash was one by Dr Organics, one of the first organic products I used.  It was okay, but towards the end I found it had started to sting my skin, especially when I was breaking out.  I'm very happy to stick with this one for a while and give my skin a rest.

I hope you enjoyed this month's favourites.  I'll be back with more next month.


  1. I like your shoes. I have bought a pair of grey converse shoes & wear them with white jeans, stripy tees & light grey waterfall cardi.
    mock orange blossom is divine x

    1. Sounds like a great combination Penny.