Thursday, 25 June 2015

Allotment Tales

Wednesday afternoon and the allotment beckoned.  It was just about two weeks since I'd last visited. I don't like to leave it much longer than that between visits.  Doesn't time go by quickly?

This week I decided to take some of the plants from my mini greenhouse and plant them out at the allotment. I intended to harvest some potatoes on this visit, so knew that I would be able to make room for them and provide more room for my tomato plants to grow in the greenhouse. In the end I took the remainder of the cucumber plants, a couple of courgette plants and a couple of chilli plants.

The plot was pretty tidy when I got there.  I say tidy, but it isn't a regimented plot with things planted in straight lines.  When I say tidy, I mean no or very few weeds. I took a few pictures of the lettuce that are now looking good.

The sweetcorn which are putting on some solid growth now.

The onions were looking almost ready to harvest.  Maybe in a few weeks time I'll be pulling them up.

I did dig up a few potato plants from one corner of the plot.  The yield wasn't brilliant because the soil wasn't the best in this part of the allotment.  I'd planted them here specially to break it up a bit. Still I got a fair harvest that will keep us in potatoes until my next visit and the cucumber plants got put in in their place.

I  pulled up a few lettuces too.

Lastly there was just a little bit of rhubarb.  Maybe enough for another cake.

There was the odd disaster.  The broad beans have been completely ruined by blackfly.  No beans for us this year.

I actually made a little video tour of the plot, but I can't quite get it working.  I'll try again and put it in another post.


  1. So sorry your beans got destroyed.

    You did get a nice harvest of potatoes though.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. Some you win, some you lose. I think if I'd sown them earlier they would have been stronger plants but who knows.