Saturday, 27 June 2015

Current Favourite YouTubers

It's while since I've done a post about my current YouTube favourites and since my last post of this kind, I've found some really great YouTubers that I've been following. Most are in the realm of natural beauty or beauty in general, but for once there are the odd ones that are much nearer to my own age group than previous YouTubers I've mentioned.

Firstly, I came across Rachel who posts on her channel 'All Natural Aspirations'.  She posts some great product reviews of natural beauty products and is very watchable.

My next current favourites are Ash and Sarah who post on their channel Discern My Life.  They are into living very minimally and are a new breed of nomads who travel and work remotely from various parts of the world.  I enjoy watching their short videos that give you a taste of their everyday life, philosophies, lifestyle and travels.

Another current favourite is British beauty expert Caroline Hirons, who posts about all things beauty.
She is a more mature and established beauty expert who also does great product reviews. Recently she vlogged a trip to LA and the crazy amount of beauty shopping/freebies she did/acquired whilst there, some of which were more natural brands.  The LA vlogs were just my cup of tea.  She is honest, funny, extremely knowlegable about her field and very refreshing.

I don't know if I've mentioned YouTuber Em before, but her channel called Em's Channel is great to watch.  Again, she is very down to earth, does lots of plus size fashion and beauty reviews and posts lots of vlogs of her adventures with her husband Chris on weekends.

With regard to making your own natural beauty products, Ela does fabulous 'how to' videos on her channel called Ela Gale.  Check her out if like me, you want to branch out into making some products of your own.  She makes it seem so simple.

Likewise, Pretty Frugal Living also posts lots of 'how to's' on her channel, which are beautifully shot and staged, as well as her interesting videos about travelling in India.

Just a few gems I've found in recent weeks.  I hope you enjoy some of them as much as I do.


  1. I haven't really gotten in to YouTube yet. I might just have to check out a few of those channels.

    God bless.

    1. Give it a try Jackie. There's no end of tutorials on there for almost anything you can think of.