Thursday, 4 June 2015

Getting Tough on Stuff in 2015 - May

This challenge is one that I've set myself this year, as part of trying to simplify my life as much as possible.  The aim is to remove/donate 1000 things from our house in 2015.  Now it may sound like a lot, but the total is steadily rising and five months in, I'm pretty far ahead of where I thought I'd be.

At the end of April the total stood at 508 things taken to the charity shop or local Give and Take events, and this month has been a bumper month, which was a surprise, as I really wasn't expecting it to be.

A quarter of the items donated this month were things that Little Bird decided she no longer wanted, books mainly.  The remainder are things I have found mainly in the process of decluttering the kitchen, plus a few more books, items of clothing and other things that have found their way into the boxes.

Little Bird was going to try to sell many of the items we've decluttered on a stall during a local Jumble Trail event in a couple of weeks, but she has since received a party invitation and can't participate in the event.  As I don't actually want to do it myself, I will be taking most of our items to the charity shop and letting people take some items (i.e. plants) for free from outside our house.

I didn't get around to doing all of the decluttering I wanted to do in May, so I still need to finish the last few last bits of the kitchen declutter and start to tackle the shed. These will remain as my aims for June and should hopefully result in more progress and yield yet more donations.

Here's a picture of the accumulated 'stuff' from May, ready to be donated. (Please note that some of the items in this picture have been added in June)

The total for this month is 210 items, making a grand total so far of 718 items after just five months. Hopefully, I can now take my foot off the accelerator a little, as just fifty things per month for the next six months should do the job, but if I can donate more then I am very happy to do so.

I'll be back with another progress report next month.


  1. Doing very well!! I have already started a bag (actually it is almost filled already) for this month. Hoping for a few bags again this month.

    Harvey says he can see space in the closet, and I already see space in my drawers.

    God bless.

    1. It's so great when you start to see spaces appear. I'm loving it. I don't think there's any danger of my getting too carried away though, but you never know.

      Keep up the good work.