Tuesday, 9 June 2015

An Afternoon in the Garden

Tuesday afternoon, I decided to do a bit of pottering in the garden. There were quite a few plants I'd grown from seed in the greenhouse, that were outgrowing their pots and needed potting on. Unfortunately, I'd also run out of compost, so as I already needed to go to ASDA for the dog's favourite dog food, I decided to pick up a large bag of compost whilst there.

When I got back I set to work. There were 2 or 3 pots of tomato seedlings that had multiple seedlings still bunched together in one pot, as I hadn't had enough pots or compost to pot them on.  I decided that as the Jumble Trail is this coming Sunday and I wanted to give away any excess plants that I needed to get on and do it.

Firstly though, I decided to plant all of the runner bean plants into a large growing bag.  I don't currently have any room at the allotment to put them in there and they were getting quite large, so I thought I'd keep them in the garden at home.  I have to keep them on the table for now though, as the dog keeps chewing them.

As there were rather a lot of ridge cucumber plants that were also growing well, I decided to put four of them into the grow bag too and see what happens.  As you can see, it's now quite a tall structure with the long canes added, which were the only ones I had, but hopefully it won't fall or get blown over.

Next, I started to pot on some of the tomatoes. They are probably not as far on as they should be due to my neglect and sowing them quite late this year, so I thought that putting them in more roomy pots should bring them on nicely.

There's definitely going to be quite a few spares here, as I can only really fit 4 in the greenhouse in growbags, and I don't tend to put them in the allotment as they fall victim to blight every time.  I may decide to grow some in pots around the front and back gardens though, so I will keep a few extras.

I also repotted some small chilli plants and some courgettes, which did eventually germinate, despite my being convinced that they wouldn't. I can now save the new seeds I bought for next year.  I will keep all of these (there's 5) as they will be good gap fillers at the allotment, when the potatoes, broad beans and onions come out next month.

Here's a  couple of pictures of the seedlings now potted on.

I also potted up some french marigolds ready to put on the window sills at the front of the house. Pots used to get stolen from our window sills before we had the light well for the basement built, but now it will be difficult for anyone to do this, so I figured it was safe to put some plants out there again.

Whilst out in the garden this afternoon, I took a look in the shed, mainly in an attempt to find some shorter bamboo canes and some extra garden chairs that we keep in there. Our current garden chairs are rapidly succumbing to the weather and I am having to dispose of two of them, as they are rotting and falling apart.

Anyway, on looking in the shed I was totally put off delving in, by the large cobwebs and spiders I could see on opening the door.  I might save that job for a day when OH can help me.  Here's a picture of the contents.  You can now see why this is on my list of places to declutter.

I was pleased to get outside today or I might have totally missed this poppy flowering, which would have been a shame.  As it is it's a little past it's best, but hopefully I'll get to see the other buds open out.


  1. A productive day. I must get my tomato plants in !

    1. It feels better to know I've potted things on. I do hate to see them getting congested.

  2. Beautiful! Nice to see some sunny garden pics. I have a new blog that I am posting on now http://www.anrola.com

    1. Loving your new blog Lorna. I've added it to my reading list.

  3. You had a very productive day. I so envy you your greenhouse. I would love one but just can't seem to find a place for Harvey to set it up.

    God bless.

  4. Now that's one full shed!

    1. Sure is, but hopefully it won't be quite so full soon.