Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Another Approved Food Order

This month, I decided to place another order with Approved Food, to stock up on some things that I use quite regularly.  There weren't quite as many organic/natural options available this time around unfortunately, but I did still manage to purchase a few, some of which were re-ordered since my last order, as I liked them so much and they were still in stock.  It arrived yesterday,  and here's a picture of what the order contained.

The bulk of the order was made up of multiple packs of salt and vinegar Snack a Jacks, (not pictured here).  I tend to eat a pack of these every day with my salads, as they are pretty low fat snacks and give me that salty hit I like.  I also re-ordered some more Amaizin' Hint of Lemon Organic Corn Chips after my last order, as they were particularly scrumptious and good for an occasional treat.

Other organic items ordered included some Italian biscuits, rice cakes, crackers and a Green and Black's Milk Chocolate Easter Egg (bought for the chocolate content).  At £1.99 this seemed like a bargain as I eat this brand of chocolate a lot.

I was pleased to see that they were selling another Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy product, namely the Night Liquid Melts.  I've not tried these before, but they might be handy on those evenings when you can't sleep because you're anxious or worrying about something or upset about something that's happened in the day. They are another item to add to my alternative medicine cabinet, and at £1.99 for 28, were much less expensive than buying them elsewhere.

Finally, I was really pleased to see that they had bicarbonate of soda on offer at three 200g packs for 99p. I mainly bought these for home made beauty products and for natural household cleaning purposes.  It's good to be able to stock up on such a useful product, as I don't think I can buy it as cheaply anywhere else that I know of.

You'll also notice that I managed to sneak a couple of small bottles of Bailey's Biscotti flavoured Irish Cream into the order.  I was interested to try these without having to buy a large bottle.  (I have now tried one and although  it was okay, I think I prefer the original flavour)

I must admit that I am finding it a little more difficult to fill an order at Approved Food on my current regime, and I can't seem to get their new Naturally Free shopping site to work properly for me.  I had another attempt recently and was really excited to see Faith in Nature hair products on there for half price, so when there's more things I need, I may try to place an order and see what happens. In the meantime, I keep checking on the normal site at various points in the month, as there are sometimes things on there that suit, as we still do eat and use non-organic items too. I do still enjoy shopping with them, when I can find enough to make the postage on an order worthwhile.


  1. I saw at the weekend that TKMaxx sell some Faith in Nature products at a decent price. I tend to buy direct from FiN, or nip into any health food shop I happen to be near (we don't have one here sadly), but it's good to know there's another option.

    1. TK Maxx in a great place for toiletries, they often have organic products.

    2. I've seen a few FiN products in TK MAXX too, but I tend to forget they have these products there. I must remember to take a look.

    3. I'm not sure whether the ones on approved food are out of date or not, but they seem a real bargain and they have quite a few of the fragrances. Only shampoos and conditioners to date though.