Thursday, 28 March 2013


Well, it was fabulous yesterday morning to come downstairs and see the sun shining.  It made me feel a whole lot better and inspired me to get on and do things.  First up it was off to school to take my daughter and then for a walk with the dog.  Once back I headed off to one of my regular exercise classes which was great. 

From there I had to pop to the vet's to get some flea treatments for the puppy.  She has one which treats her for lungworm as well as numerous other worms and lice, but it is pretty expensive - over £25 for 3 treatments.   I don't mind paying this for peace of mind as she has recently taken to eating the odd snail in the garden and sometimes I just don't get to her in time to stop her.   A consequence of this behaviour can be lungworm, which can be fatal, so  I don't want to take any chances with her health in this regard.

After leaving the vet's I went to exchange my new red handbag, as the zip had broken.  In actual fact it broke a few days ago, but I struggled on with it as it kept righting itself.   Eventually I decided that if it came open and I didn't notice, then someone might just take my purse and that would be a disaster, so I decided to return it and get another one.  The one I ended up getting was also red, but a different brand and had a plastic as opposed to a metal zip like the old one, as the metal teeth seemed to be the cause of the problem.  The new bag is a different style, but still holds all my many bits and pieces.  In fact, it ticks more of the boxes I look for in a bag as it has more internal zipped pockets (I like to keep my purse in one so I know exactly where it is when I go into my bag for it), and looked better when carried over the shoulder than the previous one.  It cost the same amount of money so I did a straight swap.  I'm hoping this one lasts a little longer.  Here's a picture or two.  I particularly like the fact that you get a small purse like bag with a wrist strap with it, which you can use on those days when you don't have a lot to carry with you.  Two for the price of one.  I can't argue with that.


By the time I'd done a bit of grocery shopping in Asda and had some lunch, I had to rush out to a concert at the school.  I actually really enjoyed it as some of the songs they sang I really liked.   They've got a new Music teacher who is very enthusiastic.   I particularly liked one song called Seasons of Love, which by coincidence, I heard for the first time earlier this week when my aerobics instructor played it as a cool down in class. I believe it's from a 90's Broadway Musical called Rent.  Check it out on YouTube if you get the chance, it's a great song.  I would link to it but am not sure how to.

Tonight, I've spent catching up after being out virtually all day.  Supper over, chores done and I can get on with a few computer based tasks such as sending an email to send to my sister in Australia,  a couple of replies to blog comments, writing this blog post and then finally with glass of wine in hand catching up on blog reading.  A relaxing end to the day.


  1. I like your exchanged bag ! I like the little bag, I was popping to the Co-Op yesterday & didn't want a handbag so a little one for purse & keys would be perfect !

    If you want to do a link when you are doing a new post click the little icon with a film reel next to the add a photo one. It'll take you to youtube & you can search for what you want then add or link.

    1. Hi, thanks for that. I will have to try a YouTube link sometime. I rarely go on it but it is great for finding music you like if you know the name of the song. It's great that there is a direct link to it.

      I think I like this bag better than the other one. It seems easier to carry and is a bit less blingy. The store I took it back to had a lot more choice even though it was a lot smaller. Some things work out for the best don't they.