Friday, 22 March 2013

More Hornsea Clappison Favourites

Following on from my recent post about John Clappison, I thought I would post again and show you my absolute favourite examples of some of his work.  These are some of his muramic wall plaques and there were quite a few different designs made for a few years during the 1970's. 

I just have these 5 and I almost can't afford to buy any more as they fetch quite a price at auction now.  The larger ones are attached to a hessian like fabric and framed in a dark wooden frame, whilst the smaller ones are attached to a dark coloured wood.  The colourful glazed muramic pieces are like jewels and I just find them so appealing, they are similar to the muramic pieces embedded in the pin dishes posted previously.  The quirky designs show the humour in John Clappison's work.  I intend to hang these on a wall somewhere, but I am a little nervous that they might fall off and break.  There are very minor chips here and there and discolouration of the wood and they are probably not to everyone's taste, but I just like them because they make me smile.

They used to stand on my kitchen windowsill so I could admire them daily, as I washed up or worked at the sink.  When I put them away whilst the builders were working here, I missed them, and when I got them out again, it was like being reunited with old friends, such was my fondness for them.  I know they are only things, and things don't really matter when push comes to shove, but I just really like them.

Do you have any collections that you really enjoy?


  1. They are a lot of fun. How lovely to unwrap them again and feel like they are old friends. I feel like that every Christmas with the decorations box.
    Don't hang them - imagine if they fell - propped on a shelf would be lovely.
    I don't collect anything specific but have a lot of things !

  2. You're right, I didn't hang them in the end, I have propped them on the shelf and mantle piece in my workroom for now. I also get a similar feeling about the Christmas decorations too. Especially ones I bought, was given or we made together when my daughter was little. It makes it so hard to throw or give things away sometimes. I'm just a bit of a sentimentalist I guess.