Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Girl's Best Friend

As promised in a previous post,  this is a post about the contents of my new handbag.  I've seen this done by other bloggers and have enjoyed seeing what they carry around with them on a daily basis.  I'm probably not going to blow your mind or cause intense excitement, but here goes anyway.

My new bag, which I bought the other week, is quite a bit larger than I've been in the habit of carrying for a number of years.  The thing is, I got to the point where everything I wanted with me as I go out and about, just would not fit into my previous handbag, so I indulged in a larger one.  Here it is in a gloriously bright shade of red to match my lipstick, quite blingy for me really, but I like it.

It has a couple of pockets on one side, a zipped pocket on the other, phone pocket inside and zipped compartment inside too.

In the front two pockets I keep things that I need to grab quickly when out and about.  In one I keep  my Oyster card for travel on public transport in London, a tube map and my Fisher Space Pen (it's supposed to work anywhere including upside down).  In the other I have my sunglasses (not that they're getting much use at the moment), a Kirsty Alsop tape measure (a gift from my sister in Australia) and some sweeteners for when I stop for a coffee anywhere.

The back zipped pocket contains a packet of tissues.  I never like to carry anything too valuable in outside pockets in case of pickpocketing.  Having had my handbag stolen in a burglary, I've very aware of the possiblity that there may be thieves in my midst.  It sounds cynical and untrusting, but I guess living in a big crowded city, it is just a hazard of everyday life.

Most of the contents of my bag are in the big internal compartment.  They include my new Primark spotted makeup bag, the contents of which are as pictured.

I now carry concealer, mascara, lipstick and eyeliner, a red nail varnish and emery board, eye palette, mirror, tweezers, hand wash, hand cream, paracetamol and plasters.  It's great to carry a spare set of makeup, as sometimes it just perks you up to touch it up when you've been out and about all day and feel a bit washed out.  I've never really done this before so I must admit that I often forget to through not having created this habit over the years.  Perhaps the only thing I need to add is a small sewing kit for on the move repairs and snipping of threads.  I might make one of these for myself and add it in.  I also sometimes add a perfume if I'm going anywhere special to top up through the day when I remember.

Other items I carry are a reusable shopping bag, filofax, glasses case, handbag sized hairspray, parking vouchers for the gym, sugar free chewing gum and mints (essential for 1 hour bus journeys into town).

This little guy is always hung on the handle outside complete with bags in case of emergencies.  Not very chic but he's cute.
Last but not least there's my essentials - purse (from M&S in the sale last year), keys (complete with bottle opener and trolley coin keyrings) and phone. (Not a very fancy one as you can see - my partner's cast off).
Dependent on the weather or my plans I may add in a book, umbrella, camera, snack, bottle of water or other extra as required.
So as you can see, everything but the kitchen sink, virtually.  Dib Dob, I do like to be prepared.  You can tell I was a Brownie/Guide in my youth.


  1. The thing about bigger bags - the more you can carry ! My friends pointed out that while looking at my new bag which I sling on my shoulder having used a small bag where the strap goes across my body. I hope I don't get neck ache again !

    I think you are ready for action with your bag's contents ! I've never seen the little dog before !

    1. Hi, I keep leaving comments on my own posts instead of repyling to comments so will have to repeat myself. He's cute isn't he. He's from Wilko's. When not walking the dog the bags come in handy for litter when you can't find a bin.

  2. He's cute isn't he? Wilko's pet section. The bags come in handy for litter too when you can't find a bin.