Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Spot of Decluttering

I have a cupboard in my hallway, just outside of my kitchen door.  It is an old pine cupboard with a lovely pine door.   I love this cupboard.  It is like an extension of my kitchen.  I use it to store crockery that I don't use often, but don't have room for in the kitchen, plus various other bits and pieces such as vases, tablecloths, etc.  I have had numerous discussions with my partner about knocking it out altogether, which he would like to do, especially when we had the basement renovated recently, as it is right next to the door to this new room.  I insisted that I would not tolerate him getting rid of it.  Sometimes a girl just has to put her foot down.

It used to contain some of the many fabrics I've collected over the years, but now these have all been relocated to the workroom/spare bedroom freeing up a bit of space.  It was one of those cupboards that if you opened the door you would be in danger of something falling out on top of you.  Some things have on occasions, but the other day I had an urge to clear it out and reorganise it.  It stemmed from wanting to change the fabric on the door.  The old fabric was looking tired and baggy, and I had found a lovely vintage piece that I couldn't think what else to do with, so with staple gun in hand I put it on instead.  I rather like it.


This is what the inside of the cupboard looks like now after it's makeover. 

Yes, I know it still looks a bit of a jumble sale, but you can probably imagine what it looked like before, if this is the after.  (I forgot to take a picture).  I got a real sense of satisfaction from this little task.  Next up is to sort out the shoe basket next to it, which currently looks like this.

Wish me luck!


  1. I'd want to keep it too ! Pretty fabric. Our shoe basket looked like that so I bought a lovely slatted fronted wooden cupboard to keep them in. Now shoes get piled on top of the cupboard !

    1. Sounds like something that would happen in our house.