Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An Afternoon Shopping En Famille

Well, last weekend we did a pretty rare thing for us as a family in that we spent Saturday afternoon shopping together at the local Westfield Shopping Mall.  We tend to avoid weekend shopping here as it is just so busy as to render it torturous.   The weather was pretty awful though and my other half was in desperate need of some new clothes and very rarely goes clothes shopping.  As a consequence I do like to go with him and assist him (i.e. make sure I like what he buys) and my daughter always likes a shopping trip for whatever reason.

By the time we got there at around 2.30 pm it was absolutely packed full of people.  First stop was good old John Lewis.  I so like to pay a visit to this store when I come shopping here as it is just so civilised to walk around and shop in.  Whilst my other half and daughter disappeared off to the menswear department, I hovered around the shoe and bag department, trying on various shoes.  There were a few pairs that I quite liked, mostly in navy blue, but I'm thinking of dyeing a pair I already have navy, so I may hang on and see how that goes before committing myself to a new pair.

After having enjoyed a lone mooch, I made my way to menswear, where my other half had found a pair of trousers he liked and then swiftly found another pair and we were off to the homeware department to find a new knife block with knives.  We couldn't find one we liked, so headed off for a drink in a nearby Tapas bar, before carrying on down the mall to a couple of shops my daughter wanted to visit.  I managed to help myself to a squirt of a rather nice perfume in the beauty department, Guerlain's Le Petit Robe Noir, which has a very sweet but strong scent.  I might bear it in mind when I'm next looking for a new perfume. 

On to M&S for more clothes shopping for OH, who found a couple more items before we headed home, his shopping more or less done for another year or so, or until I can drag him out again.  By this time we were all feeling a bit grumpy, well us girls were anyway, and we couldn't wait to get out of there.    Perhaps it was because the focus of the shopping was all on someone else and not us.  I'm not in a hurry to return on a weekend again.  Call me selfish, but give me a 10 am visit during the week anyday and a little money in my purse to spend on me. 

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  1. Clothes shopping with husbasnd is a chore so is done as quickly as possible in a local shop for jeans & Fatface sweat shirts & one smart one.

    He has suit, kilt, dinner suit & blazer ready if needed ( the latter two inherited, the suit his only one & what he wore at our wedding twenty two years ago ! ) work clothes very scruffy. He buys all his sailing gear himself !

    Last time we went shopping en famille ( as rare as Hens' teeth ! ) we met up before dinner & a night at the theatre for my birthday. Husband & son stayed in the Apple Store then son showed husband the delights of those ice cream / milk shake places ( can't think what they are called as I don't go to them ! )
    I love shopping with my daughter !