Tuesday, 19 March 2013

At the Moment I'm Reading......

I've just finished reading this book called 'The Secret Shopper's Revenge' by Kate Harrison and it has turned out to be a really enjoyable read.  I really enjoyed picking it up and reading a few chapters at a time, last thing at night or first thing in a morning.

If you've ever felt that you've been treated a bit shabbily in a store, or alternatively been grateful to find staff  especially helpful and knowledgable, without being pushy or giving you the hard sell, you will appreciate some of the characters and scenarios in this book.

The three main characters,  having fallen upon hard times, due to circumstances beyond their control, find themselves working as secret shoppers, employed by the elusive Charlie.  They are paid to shop and  record  the unpleasant and cruel behaviour exhibited by some store employees, as well as the wonderful service they receive from other more thoughtful and caring members of store staff.  In between shopping missions, the book follows the trials and tribulations of their everyday life, their efforts to rebuild their lives and get back in control.

This is the first book I've read by this author, but I am thoroughly enjoyed it.  I bought this in a charity shop for 95p, so if you see a copy on your travels or in the library and you like this sort of lighthearted but astutely observed fiction, then give it a go as it is quite entertaining.  In addition, reading it helps satisfy one's own yearnings to shop, which I have to admit to from time to time, (Note recent posts), by proxy.  I wonder if I can get a job doing this.  Only joking!


  1. Oh thanks I'll look out for it - may be a good one to take to New York in April where I will be sight seeing and not shopping ! Window shopping allowed.
    I love the scene in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts pops back to the shop where they wouldn't serve her & says & asks if they work on commission then tells the assistant, " Big Mistake. Huge ... must go shopping ! "

    I got my squishy orange bag yesterday - will blog about it !

  2. I like that film too. You lucky thing going to New York. I went about 10 or so years ago and it is a great place. I'd like to go back with my daughter sometime. She'd love it. You always feel really slim when you buy clothes there as their sizing is more generous and you end up in a smaller size.

  3. I'm going to NY with my daughter plus Mother in law, Aunt & sister in law ( who lives in Canada ) Husband didn't want to go so we are going with girl power ! Both kids have been through school & I always wanted to go. I want to see the sights from some of my favourite chick flicks !
    We got sorted for the wedding clothes wise before we go as it's so close after coming home but will probably mooch around some of the bid stores.

    Glad you enjoyed the Pretty Woman clip !