Friday, 29 March 2013

Making Use of Things - A New Homemade Laundry Basket

A few months ago we renovated our daughter's bedroom.  It didn't cost a lot as we used mostly what we already had.  I covered an old Ikea desk with an oilcloth like fabric that I got from Ikea for £1 or £2 per meter  (I can't actually remember how much it cost).  The desk had lots of scratches and pen marks on it that just would not scrub off so I gave it a makeover with this fabric and a staple gun.  It looked okay.  I had a little bit of the fabric left over and promised my daughter I would make her a laundry basket for her room.  There wasn't quite enough of it to be honest, so I had to add some co-ordinating fabric to it, which I happened to uncover when I did a fabric sort out the other day.

It took a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon and was a bit made up as I went along, but the finished result is below.  I had a basic frame to hang it on.  I can't remember where I got it but I think it was originally from Ikea too.  I probably picked it up in the street after someone had thrown it out and thought I'd make good use of it.  Finally I have.

It's far from the most perfect example and the straps over the frame could have been made a bit more carefully, but I was a bit short on time, so I cut a few corners.  They attach by velcro so the bag can be taken off.   I was pretty happy with the result though and now my daughter's bedroom is marginally tidier as her clothes get put in here instead of thrown in the corner or left on the floor.  It all co-ordinates nicely too and didn't cost a penny which is the best thing of all.  I just have to remember to empty it regularly now.


  1. That's so clever & attractive.

    My daughter is 20 & still chucks her dirty clothes on the floor as does my 17 year old son - until I shout, " anything for the wash ? put it out now or it'll be too late !"

  2. Do you think they ever grow out of it? I must admit though that I was in my twenties before I learned how to use a washing machine.