Friday, 26 May 2017

Weekly Catchup

It's been a strange old week this week.  Started off badly with the events in Manchester.  They've weighed heavy on my mind this week. I've been thinking of those families affected a lot.  A very cruel and cynical act. LB has had two trips into central London with school this week too, so I've been especially mindful of the critical security alert nationwide. Both trips went okay though.

I was told by a customer at the CS the other day that they police were doing strict checks of people going in and out of the local shopping mall, with a queue snaking around the building.  A guess it's reassuring, but I always worry when LB heads off to our local mall.  You just never know, and they are always so crowded at weekends.

Anyway, yesterday, I headed there myself on my bike in the sweltering heat, to visit Lakeland. I had a couple of items in mind that I wanted to buy, the main one of which was out of stock, of course, and not to be replenished until next month, by which time a voucher I had to use would have expired. Instead, I used the voucher to buy the second item, a fruit fly trap, which consequently seems to be extremely ineffective, save for deterring fruit flies from going anywhere near it.  It hasn't trapped a single one yet and seems to have been a total waste of money.  Just as well I got it half price with the voucher. I did a top up grocery shop in M&S whilst there using my gift voucher, so spent very little.

I've done a bit more cleaning this week in Zone 4 our Master bedroom, cleaning some of the freestanding pieces of furniture such as the bookshelf, tall boy and dressing table. I didn't make any progress with it yesterday, as we had a last minute overnight visitor arriving, so I concentrated on a quick tidy and clean of the communal areas such as the kitchen, living room, toilets, etc. with any free time I had.  The heat didn't help, as I just didn't feel like cleaning as a consequence of it.

It was interesting to note that due to the house being pretty clean on account of all my Flylady activity recently, I really had very little to do to make it acceptable to a visitor. Just a quick swish round really and that was all.  I didn't even need to vaccum. I think Flylady is actually paying dividends. No last minute full day cleaning sessions to make it look respectable. Result.

Today, I've got a day to myself with no interruptions save for the daily dog walk, so I think I'll tackle the remainder of the bedroom, which means cleaning OH's wardrobe and the bookshelves on his side of the room.  If I get time, I may go to the allotment and plant out some courgette plants which have grown much bigger in the last week with all the sunshine.


  1. What a shame the fruit fly trap didn't perform after all that effort to buy it! We live and learn! It sounds like you are now reaping the effects of your focussed 'flying' which is good as it keeps the momentum going I think when you start to see results. Have a great weekend and keep safe.

    1. Thanks, have a lovely trip to Scotland.

  2. I was away with my mum when we heard the awful news about Manchester and it weighed heavily on both of us especially as we were visiting my niece and her little girl and new baby.