Friday, 19 May 2017

Flylady Update Zone 3

Zone Three got off to a slow start this week due to the fact that I did very little on Sunday, which was day one. I didn't actually start until late afternoon on Monday, as I was out and about for most of the day. When I got back, I watched a couple of videos on YouTube, which helped to motivate me, and got straight on with cleaning the bathroom.

Luckily, as I've mentioned in a previous post, our bathroom is tiny, so I decided to deep clean the whole room in one go.  It took about two hours in total.  All of the tiles were cleaned and grout scrubbed clean, the shower screen was cleaned and I razor bladed any limescale deposits off the bath. The shelves and windows were cleaned, the floor mopped and towels changed. It felt good to get it done.

The only jobs I didn't do were to use my vinegar and water spray on the windows and mirror to get them streak free and to try to remove some mould from one of the walls. The former I did later in the week, the latter I tried with a bleach spray, which didn't work, so I'm going to make a paste from bicarb and vinegar and try that next. (A tip from The Home Handbook)

I was at the CS for the next two days, and on the evenings on my return, I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm to tackle LB's room, plus she spends most of her time in it, so it is difficult to get access unless she's out at school.

Thursday, as mentioned in my last post, I spent some time at the allotment, although I did do a 2 minute Hot Spot clearance in the hallway, removing and relocating some items that were cluttering up the shoe bench. As a consequence, I had just today to give LB's room a thorough clean.

After walking the dog this morning, I got straight into cleaning the room. It was pretty dusty in places, so I started with all of the shelves and book cases, pulling everything out to clean behind and underneath, before replacing the contents. I pulled most of the furniture out and cleaned behind it too, and had a go at the windows, outside and inside, and although it was difficult to clean the outside of them from the inside, I did my best.

I hadn't quite finished by the time LB came home, so I got her to help me in a last push. She managed to declutter quite a few soft toys and dolls clothes that she has now outgrown and some more of her unwanted clothes too. I eventually completed the job, which wraps up Zone 3 for me this week.

I am not doing any zone cleaning tomorrow, as we are going into town for the day to celebrate OH's birthday. I may do a bit of cleaning on Saturday morning, just to hoover and mop the hallway, whilst OH takes the dog for a walk, but apart from that I don't have any other tasks to complete.

From Sunday, I will be cleaning in Zone 4, which is our master bedroom. I'm actually looking forward to tackling this room, as it hasn't had a good deep clean for about a year, since we got our new bed.  I've already completed some of the tasks recently, such as vacuuming the mattress and turning it, and I gave the tall boy a very thorough clean not long ago, so they won't need doing this month.  I also vacuumed the underbed storage the other week, so won't venture in there this month either.

Ideally, I would like to clean the bookshelves in the alcove on my side of the room and deep clean my wardrobe inside and out.  If I have the time I'll do more, but I'm trying to be realistic and not go too mad, as it can be quite exhausting to try to do everything in one week. So long as I manage the above mentioned tasks, I'll be happy and will tackle OH's side of the room and his wardrobe next month. I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. Phew - I am rather worn out just reading this I feel I have been cleaning with you!! But doesn't it feel good to get a room clean and tidy - I think it must be the fact that we have so much more stuff these days that makes clearing and cleaning a room so more difficult and time consuming. I remember at home we only had a few books (not the library I have now) no shower cubicle only a bath, no CD's DVD's or the like and far fewer clothes and shoes in the wardrobe. When very young I had a couple of dolls and a teddy stored in a dolls pram - no pile of soft toys on the bed, a few games and books, a weekly comic (never any free gifts) and I played on my swing in the garden or built dens in the wood - most of my childhood was spent outdoors not in my bedroom so I expect my mum was able to keep it much tidier then.
    After your great efforts this week I hope you have enough energy left to enjoy the weekend and the birthday celebrations.

    1. Yes, I too had very little in comparison to LB today. I have to put my hands up and admit to overindulging her at times. I'm paying for it now.

      I can remember having so few books that I read any that happened to be on our book shelf or that belonged to my sisters, just to be able to read. My daughter has lots of books, but doesn't seem too interested in reading many of them sadly.

      As for toys, I had one panda bear, one or two dolls with a few accessories, a handful of games and that was about it.

      I too was lucky enough to have a swing in the garden and a bike and I spent most of my time playing outside or down at the local park. Life is very different for children today. Not always better I think sometimes.

      My daughter said today that if she had a child she wouldn't buy so many toys, which is a blessing I guess. At least she's learnt from my mistakes as a parent.

    2. I wouldn't call them mistakes we all do our best in the period we live in - my girls had far more than I ever did but not as much as my new granddaughter - I have never seen so many toys for a two year old - all the family indulge her but my daughter cannot move for them in her tiny cottage! When my granddaughter comes here I only have wooden bricks and a wooden farm set and the piano but she thinks these are great and they keep her amused for hours.

  2. You are doing marvellously following FlyLady. I think that the only way to really get a routine going is to adapt what she has for your situation.

    God bless.

    1. I'm currently blitzing to get to a point where I can just maintain the cleanliness using the Flylady system, but it is my intention to take it more slowly and do a bit every day, instead of a major deep clean like I did today.