Monday, 8 May 2017

A Spendy Start to the Month

You may have noticed that I've not been buying very much recently, on account of my new strict budget, but the beginning of this month has been a bit spendy as I have found a few good buys at the charity shop or whilst out grocery shopping, and here they are.

Last week I bought these two notebooks.  The grey one on the left is a genuine Moleskine notebook with JP Morgan on the front, obviously donated by someone who worked for the company and hadn't used it.  I bought it as my next bullet journal, although I don't need it just yet, as I haven't finished my current one, but at least I've got one to go when I do need it.  It cost just £1.99 which is much less than a Moleskine of this A5 size would cost to buy new and I love the colour.

The horse notebook on the right, I bought as a gift for my niece who has a pony.  It will be either for Christmas or her birthday later this year and cost just £1.49. Hopefully, she'll like it.

This book, which I've heard a lot about, was in the charity shop the other day, so I purchased it to help me with my budgeting and getting my finances in order.  It cost £2.79, but it could prove invaluable if helps me save money rather than spend it. (I need all the help I can get!)

I had another little splurge this week.  I saw some fabric in the window of a different CS and went in to take a look. Fatal.  Now I know I already have lots of fabric, but this one caught my eye and priced at £1 for five pieces (it says just 3 but there were 5), I couldn't resist.  None of the pieces are quite big enough to make cushion covers unfortunately, but I might be able to use it combined with other fabrics to make something, or alternatively use it for patchwork projects.

In the same shop, I found this great CD case to use in the car.  Previously our dashboard was stuffed with a dozen CD cases making it difficult to sift through and find the one you want, but this is such a simple way to store and access them easily, that I couldn't resist it, especially when it was priced at only £1.50.

I did also buy a couple of lightweight scarves to wear in the summer, (rocking the Bet Lynch look) so I don't get too hot and a pair of very inexpensive faux leather lace up shoes for wearing to the CS in the summer, instead of wearing boots all the time. (Not a great photo, but they are actually quite nice)

Finally, on a trip to ASDA, I treated myself to a timer to help with my Flylady missions and cleaning sessions.  At £3, it wasn't too expensive and is useful as a stopwatch, for timing how long different jobs take me to complete or for setting a limit on the time I spend doing certain jobs.

Mmm, spendy indeed, but thankfully, all but one cost £3 or less.  I've now just got to curb any more spending impulses for the rest of the month to keep the budget in tact. Wish me luck with that!


  1. No more spending now but with those bargains you couldn't possibly resist. You've got the same timer as me!

  2. You got some lovely bargains. I do like a good sale on fabric and have trouble passing up a good deal.

    God bless.

    1. I've decided how I'm going to use it today, which does kind of justify buying it a little.

  3. You can use or pass on all your buys so hey, you did very well.

    God bless.