Sunday, 7 May 2017

This Weekend

Towards the end of this week and over the weekend, I've had a busy old time doing jobs around the house and allotment. 

I started on Thursday afternoon, when I did a session of weeding and sowing on my new plot.  Lots of new weeds had come up, so I made sure to pull them all (bar a few) out and used the cleared space to sow some flower seeds in one bed and some climbing beans in another. 

There's still a whole bed that needs weeding, into which I'm going to plant courgettes and cucumbers when my home grown plants are big enough, but I'll probably get around to weeding that bed next week.

On Friday, I decided to tackle the dining room, as it constituted Zone 1 of Flylady's programme. I'd done a bit of decluttering in there the night before in the chest of drawers and found a few more things to donate or throw away.  Later, I also vacuumed and mopped the hall, which is also part of this zone.

On Saturday, I cleaned out the fridge in readiness for Zone 2, the kitchen, this coming week and did my food shopping a day early, as it was a quiet day and we were nearly out of food. 

OH treated us to supper out at a local restaurant on Saturday night. It was so nice not to cook for a change and then we came home to watch The Fault in Our Stars on TV with LB.  It was a bit of a tear jerker.

Today (Sunday), it was nice not to have to go to Lidl after my usual class at the gym, I did stop off at a Tesco store and finish the last few bits of my grocery shop though, so I'm starting the week feeling much more organised.

Later this afternoon, I vacuumed and mopped upstairs and swished and swiped the bathroom, which I hadn't done for a week. I also changed and washed our bed linen, removing all of the mattress and pillow protectors and washing them too. I then vacuumed the mattress and the storage spaces under the bed and turned the mattress over for the first time since we bought it last year (OH had been nagging me to do this). We're trying to take good care of this bed.

I finished the ironing, put the laundry away and sorted out some of the donations in the spare room, as I'm going to take some of them to a local Charity shop next week.

After a busy weekend, I enjoyed sitting down to watch The Durrells on Sunday night.

Having said this, I'm looking forward to tackling Zone 2 next week, as I'm going to use it as a good excuse to seriously declutter the kitchen before we have to pack most of it away when the building work starts.  I'm hoping to get ruthless and really get rid of things we just don't use. I'll keep you posted on progress.

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  1. You had a busy weekend!

    Me, well I got to go to greenhouses and start buying my flowers and a few starters for the garden. Next week planting will begin in earnest.

    God bless.