Wednesday, 24 May 2017

An Enjoyable Monday

I enjoyed Monday. I did just one class at the gym. The regular teacher was away, so someone else was covering, as was the case last week.  I was a bit disgruntled when I first got there last week, as I was expecting our regular instructor or her usual cover, but the person covering this time was new to me.  Her class, though less intense, was quite enjoyable. I enjoyed it more this week, as I knew what to expect.  I'm not so good with surprises, but it is actually nice to have a change from time to time. We'll all be in for a shock next week, when our normal teacher returns and we have to up our pace to keep up with her high energy class.

After class, a few of us retired to a nearby restaurant for coffee and a chat.  It was lovely to spend an hour just chatting about life lately. We should do it more, but we don't.

When we all parted ways, I headed off to a different supermarket than usual, to finish my grocery shopping.  Waitrose this time, as I had another voucher for £8 off a £40 spend, which is just too good to pass up, despite the supermarket in question being a lot more expensive.  I shopped very carefully and got quite a lot for my money, so I was pretty happy. I've spent the food budget now, although I should have more or less enough food to take us through to June.  I will probably just have to buy a few bits at the beginning of next week and I can always spend some of the M&S voucher which has £52 remaining on it, as I haven't used it yet this month.

When I got home, I chilled for a while, catching up on a bit of online and offline reading (courtesy of a free newspaper I got from the supermarket). Eventually, I moved myself to do a bit of zone cleaning in our bedroom. 

Today, I decided to clean out my wardrobe.  I started by taking everything out and seriously considering what I wanted to put back in again. There were still some autumnal/spring clothing items in there, so I bagged them up and put them in storage, leaving just a few very light sweaters to use in the summer months. I found about 5 items of clothing I no longer wanted and another 5 items of costume jewellery.

I proceeded to clean both the inside and outside of the wardrobe, before returning everything I was keeping in there for the summer. There were quite a lot of empty hangers leftover, so I stored some of those away too, as they jam up the rail in the wardrobe and make access to the clothes more difficult. 
There is virtually no colour in there which is something I might need to work on in the future when funds allow. I'm not too good at wearing colour these days though, so I'm happy with the simplicity of what's left in there, save for the excessive number of shoes, which I need to work on.

Whilst in the bedroom, I decided to clean off the pendant lamp which was really dusty, change the bed linen and clean the windows and mirrors before calling it a day.  It took a couple of hours to do all of the jobs, but this was fine as I didn't have anything else pressing to do, so it felt like time well spent.


  1. I really really need to do this in my bedroom !

  2. Waitrose is my favourite place - our nearest is Sheffield 26 miles away but as I used to live there we go back every few months to shop at Meadowhall and in the city centre and we always drop in at Waitrose on the way home. I too get those £8 off vouchers sometimes more and there are certain items I can only get from Waitrose.
    I need a wardrobe clear out - if I don't get on with it soon it will be back to Autumn.