Monday, 1 May 2017

Donated - April 2017

This month I've done a little better on the decluttering front, despite going away for a week,and the Easter weekend. My efforts got a boost from starting with the Flylady system, as quite a few things got decluttered as part of this process.  The following things are those that will be donated to the local food bank, the next Give and Take, recycled or taken to our local CS.

1-8.  Scratched glassware damaged in our dishwasher when I bought alternative tablets that didn't work well.  I've now found very cheap replacements at IKEA that I like much better too.

9.  One Tupperware container with chipped lid.

10. One duplicate salt mill that had a very annoying loose lid.

11-12. Two books left at the hotel in Crete for other guests to read as I'd finished them. One I really enjoyed which was Caitlin Moran's 'Moranthology' and which made me laugh. The other I found very tedious, which was Oliver James' 'Selfish Capitalist'.

13-14. Two foreign coins taken to the CS to be sold on to coin collectors.

23. 1 cupcake rack - rarely used.

24-45. Twenty two items of clothing, mostly culled from mine and LB's summer wardrobes when they came out to pack for our holiday.  Things we didn't take with us and won't wear again for various reasons, ranging from being too worn out, not fitting well anymore or just looking plain awful.

46.  One book finished and really enjoyed, namely The Future Homemakers of America by Laurie Graham.

47. One very cheap laundry bag I bought from the pound shop to use for travel, but don't.  A carrier bag or swing bin liner works just as well for dirty laundry I bring home with me and weighs next to nothing too.

48. One bag full of rags taken to the clothing recycling bank.

49-56. Eight items donated to the local food bank as they were never going to be eaten or used and have been languishing in the cupboards for way too long.

57-58. Two vintage bone or Bakelite handled knives that had damaged handles.

59. One pack of incense sticks whose scent gave me a headache.

60. One empty unused cosmetic travel bottle.

61-65.  Five silicone muffin cases that I'm unlikely to ever use again.

66. One glass that used to contain a candle.  It has been thoroughly cleaned and could be reused for various purposes.

67. Floristry wire. I'm very unlikely to us this.

68-69. Two new books that I wasn't able to sell on eBay and that we just aren't interested in reading.

70-71. Two wooden scarf hangers that I no longer want to use.

72. One bathmat that is looking old and doesn't really match any of my towels, as I donated similar coloured towels previously.

73-79. Seven magazines received via free subscriptions.  I've read all of the articles in them that I'm interested in and don't wish to keep them.

80-81. Two pairs of fingerless mittens.

82. One wool scarf - not worn this winter and probably won't get worn again.

83-88. Four mugs and two expresso cups.  We just have way too many of these and many never get used.

89-92. Four cocktail glasses that just sit in the cupboard gathering dust.

93. Cat mouse toys that I bought for the dog, but surprise, surprise she doesn't play with them - because they're for cats!!!

94. One travel card holder OH got as  a freebie when he ran a 5k run yesterday.

95. One large ceramic fruit bowl that never gets used.

A slightly better total this month to boost my ongoing total for the year which stood at 220 items last month.  Adding this months 95 items, it now stands at 315 so far this year, which is still a little behind target for 1000 things in a year, but I'm catching up gradually.


  1. You did very well last month.

    God bless.

    1. Still a way to go, but I did have a good month for once.

  2. That sounds like a good decluttering session. I can identify with some of your misspent purchases - since our flood at the cottage when we lost so much I decided only to replace anything that we really needed - so far that has been a dyson hoover, a table lamp and a new duvet set for the caravan. I made the decision that if I can guarantee I would use somrthing more than 50% of the time I would buy it if not I don't buy - therefore reducing the possibility I will buy items that are only used once.