Sunday, 14 May 2017

Flylady Update - Zone 2

This week in Flylady's Zone 2 has really flown, (please excuse the pun) and I feel like I've been flying too. The kitchen has had a major clean. 

Every cabinet was emptied and decluttered, then cleaned in and out before being reorganised.

My table and chairs were thoroughly cleaned for the first time in I don't know how long and look so much better for it. It feels good to take care of things we have owned for a long time and that have served us well.

I banished my small chest of drawers, that I kept next to the kitchen table for use as my 'office', back up to the spare bedroom, as I don't use the contents enough to justify having them clutter up my kitchen. I'm now managing with just a tray and a box on the table to work from and a container in one of the kitchen cupboards full of other things I might need.  (Frankly, I got sick of the visual clutter in this room and really wanted a change.  Everything just collects dust and grime.)

All appliances got cleaned inside and out, baseboards were washed for the first time in probably a year and the windows were cleaned on the inside. I'm pleased with the results and it's nice just to clean for my own benefit for a change, rather than for guests arriving imminently, who probably don't even notice that much.

I've now had enough of cleaning for this week.  This zone has been a tough one, as it probably gets dirtier than any of the other zones in the house, because of the grease and grime of cooking and daily life.

I did leave a few jobs undone for next month, namely to wash the curtains, clean the windows from the outside and defrost the freezer. These will be my priorities when the Zone comes around again.

Tomorrow, I start detailed cleaning in Zone 3, which is the Main Bathroom and One Other Room which is your choice.  For this month it will be LB's bedroom.  Luckily, our bathroom is tiny, so should not be too much work. I made a start on this zone yesterday by changing LB's bedding, as I needed to wash it and today I will just vacuum upstairs and in her room and mop the bathroom floor, before starting proper on the cleaning on Monday.  That's enough for a Sunday.  I'm looking forward to having a bit of time to myself, without any cleaning.


  1. Once everything has been 'bottomed' it will be much easier to keep the house cleaned with just a little but often clean. You are doing well.

    1. Thanks Mum, that's what I'm hoping.