Friday, 8 April 2016

What's In My Bag

I haven't  done a 'What's in my bag?' post for a very long time and I have pretty much culled a lot of the things I used to carry around with me on a daily basis for two reasons, one, I didn't use many of them and two, they were making my bag far too heavy to carry.  I'm definitely all for simplicity these days, so I only carry the bare essentials that I absolutely need.

I've probably had a few bag changes since I last did a post of this kind, but my current bag is this ruck sack style bag which I bought from ASOS in their sale for £16.  It's not leather, which I'm happy about, but is very roomy, more so than I actually need if I'm honest, but I do like the fact that it's a ruck sack and as such doesn't fall off my shoulder.

Whilst on holiday  recently, I took a small cross body bag for every day use, but it drove me mad, as it swung around my hips and generally got in the way.  It also felt quite heavy at times, as I had to ram everything into it and this made my shoulder feel sore.  I have no such problems with this rucksack bag, even when it is pretty full, as it's just so comfortable to carry.

So, what do I keep in it?  Well, here goes.
First and foremost I keep my purse.

For the past year or so, I've invested in these kind of large zip around purses, mainly to hold all of my cards.  I have both personal and business banking and credit cards, that I carry around and not all purses contain enough card slots.  This purse, however, that I bought at TK Maxx, is just the perfect size.  It's a kind of patent snake print.  I'm not sure if it's leather, but to be honest I'm probably happier if it isn't these days.  I can see me keeping this purse for a long time, as I really like it.

Next, I have my prescription sun glasses, which I bought last year.  They were quite pricey at £100, but definitely worth it, as I really like the style of them and wear them a lot, especially for driving in the summer when the sun is low in the sky.  The box is useful too, as it is quite hard and protects the glasses when they are knocking around in my bag.  It also has magnetic closing which I like.

I also currently carry this small A6 Filofax, which contains addresses, phone numbers, etc. plus spare paper for making notes.  I no longer keep an up to date daily diary planner inside it, as I just didn't use it on a daily basis, but it does contain last year's diary with birthdays listed in it.  To be honest, I think I'm going to replace this with a small moleskin note book or something similar, that will be much less bulky to carry around.  I'll just make a note of birthday dates in the back of it.

One of the main reasons I no longer need this Filofax in my bag, is that I now also use this small concertina address book that I received in a luxury Christmas cracker last year.  It perfectly adequately fits all of the addresses I need to keep with me and is so lightweight and simple to use and carry.  It could easily fit in my purse or a much smaller bag if need be.

Also in the main bag compartment are my keys and my phone, which is contained in this monochrome case.  I bought this in a set with a luggage tag, from ASOS in their sale for £3.  It is perfect for my phone and in fact makes it easier to find it when I look in my bag. All of my keys I keep on a large bunch, so that they too are relatively easy to find in my bag.  On the keyring, I  keep a couple of trolley coins and a bottle opener (also from a cracker), which invariably come in handy.

The last couple of things I keep in the main part of the bag are reusable shopping bags.  The large one I hacked by adding elastic to keep it together when it's rolled up and another small one in a pouch that I bought on eBay at the beginning of the year, but which is already falling apart.  Although the larger one is very bulky, it is a strong and good sized bag, great for impromptu visits to Poundland or mid week top up shops.

The two small front pockets of my bag contain various bits and pieces. On one side I carry this small screwdriver set and pen (more cracker gifts - you can see a theme emerging!), a tape measure, tin of French liquorice breath fresheners and my oyster card in this black leather card holder that I've had for many years, but didn't use until recently.

In the other small pocket, I keep a hand sanitiser (non-natural until it runs out) and tissues. I also pop in make up or a small travel perfume bottle that I might want to take with me if I go out anywhere.  I no longer carry a make up bag, as it's contents rarely get used and don't justify the weight.

Streamlined and simplified contents which meet my daily needs perfectly and make life much simpler and easier.


  1. I have gone down to a much smaller purse/bag and am kind of regretting it now. I can barely find room to carry essentials. I may need to shop for another slightly larger purse.

    God bless.