Tuesday, 26 April 2016

A Tiring Tuesday

Today was pretty full on.  The day started with the arrival of a telephone engineer, to install a broadband connection we hadn't ordered.  A router had been delivered a few days earlier and sent back, as it was addressed to a person who doesn't reside at our address.

We'd been getting a few automated telephone messages telling us about an installation appointment, but had assumed they were a wrong number and in any case there was no number left to call to cancel the appointment, so we could do nothing.

A letter then came asking for payment for the installation, as the direct debit hadn't been honoured and when OH called the telephone company, they wouldn't tell him anything, as he wasn't the person who was fraudulently using our address and he didn't have the security code to get access to the account. It's come to something when companies would rather protect a fraudster than a genuine home owner.

Despite having been told that the person did not reside at our address and that we didn't need the installation, they still didn't call off the engineer, who subsequently had a wasted journey.

The company concerned then said they would contact the person who'd ordered the installation, which means we'll probably receive another letter from them.  Talk about useless.  Anyway, OH promised them he'd be contacting the Offcom regulator if they didn't resolve the situation, so we'll see what happens.

The engineer arrived just as I was setting off on my journey to the CS. I was asked to do a slightly longer shift today. It was pretty full on all day, as apparently the previous day they had been inundated with donations, plus some other deliveries and had had to close the shop early, due to being completely overwhelmed.

So, today, it was a case of making some sense of the chaos. It didn't help that most of the regular staff were attending a volunteer conference, hence why I'd been asked to stay a bit longer, and the fact that two new staff members were starting work.  As a consequence, I got to learn and do more new to me jobs in the shop and get a little involved in some staff training, which was all good.

We all managed to get through the day without too many problems, despite it being crazy busy in the shop too, so all in all it was a good, but extremely tiring day.

When I finally got home at 5.45 pm, it was to the lovely sight of our newly stripped doggie, who'd been to the local pet shop for some doggie grooming in my absence.  Here's a picture of her before

and after the chop. She looks a bit grumpy here but she's not, she's just a bit sleepy and doesn't like having her photo taken.

Anyway, I then took her for a walk through the park.  On the way there, I was verbally abused in a very serious fashion by someone I suspected of being high on drugs, so I kept my distance and didn't retaliate.  Sometimes you know it is just not worth it.  It was the one day I didn't have a phone with me, to call the police or OH if I'd needed to, as it had run out of charge. Typical.  Luckily, it didn't come to that, but I do always like to have my phone on me, because you just never know when you might need it.

Tonight, once back from the dog walk, OH cooked supper, which was greatly appreciated and then I caught up on watching a few YouTube videos. Once I sat down, I couldn't get up. After writing this post, I will be hitting the sack, probably to read in bed for a while first though, as I'm completely exhausted. Tomorrow is another day, one that I will happily spend at home and I will tackle the big pile of washing up then I think!


  1. You did have a very full day. Time to put up your feet and relax.

    God Bless.

    1. Thanks Jackie, I did and feel a lot better today.