Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A New to Me Natural Beauty Website

If you've been reading my blog for the last year, you'll know that I've been transitioning to more natural beauty products and have been trying to find products that suit my skin, hair and pocket.

I've tried lots of different brands with varying success, and several natural beauty retailers too and I have a few firm favourites that I buy from quite regularly.

When new to me on line retailer Ecco Verde came onto my radar a few months ago, I couldn't resist checking them out and I was really impressed by their prices and the fact that they offer discounts on all products when you buy more than one, making stocking up on certain products that you use regularly, much cheaper.  This is definitely a bonus when natural products do tend to err on the expensive side.

I trawled through the new website (there's hundreds of products on it) and found lots of things that I wanted to buy, some from brands I'd never used before and some favourites that I use regularly, but are more expensive elsewhere. Before long, I had a sizeable basketful selected.  The only problem was, I didn't really have any room in my budget to spend the money.  I held tight and resisted temptation for 3 or 4 months, which for me was quite restrained and once things eased up a little, I decided to finally place an order.

The company themselves are based in Austria, but have a UK website and ship to the UK and if you spend over a certain amount (£43 or thereabouts) you get free delivery, which I benefited from with this order.  I know that sounds a lot, but it soon adds up with natural products and I also bought some essential oils for making my own products too.

They also have a separate site that sells household products, which didn't seem to allow you to link up with purchases from the beauty site unfortunately, as there were some interesting products on there too.

My order arrived yesterday and I was pretty happy with it.  Here's what I bought.

As mentioned above, I ordered some essential oils for making my own products and for use around the house for cleaning and laundry, etc. I bought Lemon, Eucalyptus and Geranium essential oils.

I  also wanted to try a different shampoo, as this is still the one product that I am having difficulty finding to suit my hair and scalp. I ordered this Lime Blossom and Kiwi shampoo from Eco Cosmetics, a German brand, because it had hundreds of positive reviews, so I'm going to give it a try.. It was inexpensive too, at less than £5.

From the same brand I also purchased the above sun lotion with SPF30, as the previous natural one we'd been using ran out on our recent holiday. This was the most expensive item I bought at £11.61, but something that is important, so I don't mind too much.

The remainder of the products I bought were make up products.  I bought my first natural red lipstick and lip liner from the Benecos brand (shade Just Red and and Red! respectively) and at less than £6 for the two I was very happy to buy these.  I haven't tried them yet, but I am hoping they are good.

I bought my first Five Free nail varnish (free of five of the more toxic ingredients of regular nail varnishes).  This was also from the Benecos brand.and was £3.19.

I also bought a couple of tubes of my regular brand of concealer by Alva, which are cheaper on this site than I've seen anywhere else.  They worked out at £8.71 each if you bought 2 and got cheaper the more you bought.  I just bought two to keep me going for a while. I like the fact that this now comes in cardboard, as opposed to plastic packaging.

Finally, I was sent a few samples of other natural products with my order, an organic rose face cream, an organic Aloe Vera body wash and a sample of an Almond hand cream from Weleda. Always useful to try different products and for travel.

I  think I'll  definitely be using the site again when I need to place a reasonable sized order for make up and other products.  It was very good value for money, the packaging was minimal, and delivery took less than a week from Austria.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in natural products, however, I would say that I did find some products such as Dr Bronners soaps, more expensive on this site than elsewhere.

Definitely worth checking out for some of the European brands of natural products though, if you're struggling to find anything that suits in this country.  Here's a link to the EccoVerde site

Please note this is NOT an affiliate link and I am not sponsored in writing this post, just putting my experience out there for anyone who uses natural products, as they have a very wide and interesting range.


  1. I love Weleda products, their sea buckthorn body wash is my absolute favourite thing, it smells amazing. Although I've had to ditch it for just some soap from Suma at the moment as money is pretty tight .

    1. I must admit I've not really tried their products before so this might be a good introduction for me. I might try the body wash you mention as I'll be needing a new one soon. Thanks for the tip.