Monday, 18 April 2016

A New to Me Fabric Freshener

Last week, I placed another order with My Pure for some essential items that both myself and LB needed and as I needed a new fabric freshener, I thought I'd check if they sold one.

Having a dog, the upholstery does get a bit smelly after a while, so fabric freshener is a must here. Anyway, I was in luck, they did this one by EcoEgg.

It is a concentrated product which you add to a spray bottle provided and top up with tap water. Just five or six squirts is enough for each batch, so this product should make 25 bottles of the stuff.

I was pretty impressed with this idea and despite the price (£9.99 - although I did get 10% off with a voucher) I thought it was worth buying, as three bottles of another brand of eco fabric freshener would burn through that amount.

It arrived today and I couldn't resist making up my first bottle. It is supposed to be used within a month of being made, which means the bottle of concentrate should last two years theoretically. I bought the fragrance Spring Blossom and it's a very sweet floral smell, not unlike the last bottle of freshener that I bought, which wasn't earth friendly.

According to the packaging, this product saves on packaging by refilling the same bottle, saves money and is kind to the environment.  In addition it's made in the UK.

Please note I am not sponsored in any way in writing this post, but am posting this information in case anyone else who has pets and is looking for a similar product at the moment, might find this information useful.


  1. Oh yes, this sounds like a good product for me. I am also on the lookout for a natural as possible air freshener to sit on the shelf in the dog's indoor kennel/(cupboard!)

    1. I think this product is intended as an air freshener too.

  2. I've never seen that product before, sounds like good value compared to even the cheap end fabric refreshers. I confess I'm a bit of a tightwad and just use a bicarb and water spray.

    1. That sounds as good as anything for neutralising pet smells and very inexpensive too.