Saturday, 16 April 2016

Project 10 Pan Update

It's been a while since I updated my Project Ten Pan, which was a project I initiated to use up some beauty products that have been hanging round a while and that I wanted to finish.  I think in my last update I had used up two of the ten products listed, namely a Clinique Chubby Stick Lipstick and a bottle of hand cream.

I'm pleased to say that more progress has been made.  I've now finished the Mineral Fusions conditioner that I bought in the US last year.  It was quite expensive at around $10, but it has lasted well and worked very well too.

I did really like this conditioner which made my hair feel pretty good compared to some I've tried and if I'm ever in Wholefoods, I will definitely seek it out again, but for the time being I've managed to find a new natural shampoo and conditioner in TK MAXX which is working reasonably well for the moment.

Another item I've also now used up is the home made eye make up remover, which I actually made as a face cream, but which didn't suit my skin.  I re-purposed it as eye make up remover rather than throw it away and it really worked well in this role, so I was pretty sorry to finish it in the end.  More so when a new recipe I tried for eye make up remover didn't work as well.  I'm persevering with it for now, but will be trying yet another recipe next time or reverting back to the original face cream recipe.

The final product that I have finished using is this natural crystal roll-on deodorant from Faith in Nature. I've been using it on days when I don't go to the gym, as it didn't quite work effectively enough on days I did classes. I use a home made deodorant stick on these days now, which has been working great.

I am convinced that once you stop using products containing chemicals that your body definitely smells less.  I am keeping the empty bottle from this deodorant, as it is refillable, which is really useful if I want to try to make my own roll on deodorant.  Very clever packaging from this British brand.  I've not seen anything else like it.

So, my original Project 10 Pan products are now down to 5, which feels like quite a bit of progress has been made.  I'm also getting more use out of some of the remaining products now I go out to the Charity shop and wear a little more make up, so hopefully a couple more will be finished soon.


  1. Great work on using up those products!!

    I did manage to finish a small sample sized container of bath gel while on holidays as well as a sample of face cleaner.

    God bless.

    1. It's good to finally use things that have been kicking around a while isn't it?