Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

As promised a few weeks ago, I thought I would publish a post about my current Winter Capsule Wardrobe as I had already photographed quite a few of the items contained in it and managed to upload them to the post before I lost my photos when the laptop hard drive failed.

I haven't stuck to a particular number of items of clothing and there are more than are pictured here, but these are the main items I will be wearing now the cold weather has finally arrived.  I haven't photographed all the items as some are pretty uninteresting, but the main performers are amongst those listed here.

1) Black Skinny Jeans (ASDA) - A bit faded and grey now, but still good to use on days when I'm at home and doing little more than walking the dog.

2) Black Skinny Canvas Jeans (Primark) -  Still nice and dark, so better for wearing when I'm out and about or going out in an evening.

3) Black Collarless Zip Up Wool Coat - Bought last winter and perfect for days out or smarter wear in cold weather.

4) Black Monki Parka Coat - Love this coat for wrapping up warm on cold winter days, especially when out with the dog.

5)  Black Leather Touch Screen Gloves - For smarter wear.

6)  Black Barts Woolly Bobble Hat - Dog walking essential

7)  Black Leather Chelsea ankle boots - From ASOS.  I love these and wear them to go out in and for casual daily wear.

8)  Black Knee Length Leather boots - Also from ASOS.  Replaced my old knee length boots.  Great for wearing with dresses and skirts in the winter.

9)  Grey Oversized Turtle Necked Sweater from H&M. - Very roasty for very cold days. I wore this a lot on our recent visit to Yorkshire.

10)  Maroon Slash Necked Sweater - A Primark purchase this year. I love wearing this for day wear, as it is very roomy and slouchy and adds a bit of colour to an otherwise quite bland wardrobe. (It is already getting a bit bobbly though)

11) Black Zip Back Sweaters (2) - From Primark.  I bought two of these a couple of years ago, as I liked them so much.  These are my mainstay go to sweaters in cold weather, worn with a t-shirt underneath and with a scarf or snood.  I also have 1 in grey that I also wear.  Great to throw on with jeans for a casual day look.

12) Black Ribbed Zip Back Sweater - Primark again. Thicker than the ones above and great to wear layered with jeans and a long top.

13) Black ASOS Backpack - My current favourite everyday hand bag.

14)  Teal Suede Fringed Brogues from Clarks - I must admit I haven't worn these much yet, but am hoping to get a lot more wear out of them.

15) Navy Leather Tote - From Gap.  Perfect for travelling and when I need a smart shopper or a change of clothes at the gym.

16) Black Leather Biker boots - These I wear with jeans for knocking around in when I'm doing errands.  They currently need a good clean, as I've walked the dog in them a few times this autumn and they're a bit of a mess. The picture is of them when new.

17) Three pairs of cigarette pants - One a navy/black print, one plain black and one grey/black/silver brocade - I wear these on days when I need to be a bit smarter or my jeans are in the wash.  I also wear these year round.

18)  Large Tan PU Clutch Bag - Bought from Pull & Bear whilst on holiday in Tenerife.  For evenings out/weddings/etc.  Rare occasions, in other words!

19) Small Animal Print PU Cross Body Bag - For those occasions when I don't want to carry much with me.

20) Grey Lace Pencil Skirt - For days when I want to look a little more feminine.

21)  Black Crepe Sleeveless Shirt Dress - From ASOS.  This is what I wear for special occasions, i.e. the recent wedding with my black lace top underneath (so I don't have to expose my upper arms and shoulders) and a belt to gather it in. It can be worn without a top underneath and without a belt in warmer weather.

22) Black Lace Crop Top - From H&M, for wearing under sleeveless dress or over a vest top.  (Please note I don't bare my midriff by wearing this on it's own)

24) Peopletree Grey Striped Organic Jersey Dress - I've worn this a couple of times since buying it, so I am looking forward to getting a lot more wear out of it.  It is a nice item to wear in winter with a cardigan/sweater, tights and boots. 

25) Braintree Organic Hemp/Cotton Slouchy Pocket Front Sweater - Great with jeans and long sleeved thermal tops.  (Must be long sleeved tops, as the hemp feels a bit itchy!)

26) Braintree Organic Denim Skirt - I like to wear this with sweaters, tights and boots.

27) Peopletree Organic Cotton Jersey Teal Tube Pencil Skirt - A bargain buy bought new on eBay.  Nice worn with ankle boots and tights and a big sweater.

28) Slouchy Grey Tracksuit Pants with PU Trim - Another Primark purchase.  I love wearing these with a long jumper or t-shirt, on a day when I just want to slouch around at home or when the most I do is pop out to the shops.

29)  Black Leather Skinny Belt - From ASOS

30)  Black Leather Jeans Belt

The remainder of my clothes are mostly t-shirts, long sleeved thermal jersey t-shirts, scarves and the odd smarter t-shirt/top that I keep in the wardrobe, but don't wear too often.  Quite a practical wardrobe, not particularly glamorous, but then I don't live a glamorous lifestyle.  A bit lacking in colour and sparkle, but maybe one day I'll get a bit braver or maybe I won't.

I'm pretty happy with the changes I've made this year.  There's a lot less items that never get worn. There is still more reducing to do of a few items not listed here, but I'm working on it.


  1. I am hoping to one day get my wardrobe under control. Afraid that sewing my own clothing sometimes (okay all the time) makes this a bit of a problem. That and the fact that I love to have lots to choose from.

    God bless.

    1. I think I always thought that I needed lots of choice, but in reality, I wear the same things over and over, most of the time, so maybe it's time to cut my choices down considerably.