Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Loving on TV Lately

Now, we're in the depths of winter (yes I know, it doesn't feel a lot like winter this year), I've been watching a bit more TV of an evening.  It has helped that there has been some pretty good programming lately. (For a change)  Here are a few of my current favourites:

War and Peace, BBC1 Sunday at 9pm

Although I'm not always a fan of Sunday Evening historic television dramas, this six part series really grabbed me from the start.  It may be because it is set in a country other than here, but I am loving the quality of this production and watch with interest the fates of Pierre, Natasha, Andre and Marie amongst others.  The presence of some completely vile characters makes it such compulsive viewing.

Shetland  BBC1 Friday 9pm

I'm finding myself enjoying this series of this Scottish Crime drama set on the Shetland Isles. The setting is beautiful and the storyline interesting.

How To Diet Well  Channel 4, Monday 8pm

This series, now finished, has been really interesting to watch, as it tests out various diets on the market on willing volunteers.  Some were quite ridiculous, whilst others seemed pretty doable. Although I'm not a great fan of dieting, I'm always interested in seeing how other people do it, especially when they get good results.

Silent Witness BBC1 Monday/Tuesday 9pm

I am really loving this series, which I have watched in the past, but not religiously.  I've suddenly, however, become an avid fan and the fact that each storyline is spread over two nights, means that there is something worth watching most nights of the week, if only for an hour.  This means that the hand sewing is coming along nicely, which is an added bonus.

And there's more to come,  as Vera returns to the screen this Sunday.  I love this crime drama with the indomitable Brenda Blethyn.  Really looking forward to watching it again, although I might have to put it on a series link recording if it clashes with War and Peace.

Have you been enjoying any particular TV programmes lately?


  1. I haven't really been loving anything on tv recently. We had another free Netflix trial but didn't really find anything that hooked us. We watched most of Making A Murderer but didn't quite get through it.

    I think we're going to catch up on Deutschland 83, that could keep us quiet for a while.

    1. I forgot about that one. We've been watching Deutschland 83 too. It's pretty good.

  2. We like Silent Witness and I am taping War and peace so I have 2 episodes to catch up - including the duel!

    1. You've got some good episodes to come. You'll enjoy watching them. Well, I did.

  3. Canadian/American TV is okay. I have started watching a couple of the newer programs and some of them seem like they could be interesting.

    I have been watching Hinterland on my tablet via Netflix and enjoying it. May check the Android box and see if there are anymore episodes available.

    God bless.

  4. I love Shetland, I'm taping War and Peace, and hubby loves Silent Witness.