Thursday, 14 January 2016

Loving Lately

This year, I've decided that instead of posting regular monthly favourites posts, I'm going to make a series of 'Loving Lately' posts about new to me items that I'm really enjoying using or wearing. The main reason for this is that I intend to buy less this year, so I may not have new things every month that I can post about.

Due to receiving a few Christmas presents, I have a few things this month that I am loving, the first one being this wireless mouse.

I know that many people already use them, but I always used the mousepad on the laptop, and as  I am rather heavy handed and was causing it to jam up, OH gave me a wired mouse to use to prolong it's life.  The wired mouse was okay, but I did sometimes get in a tangle and it was one more wire to take with us when we went away.  OH has now set up this new mouse for me and I'm away and loving it.  It does use one AA battery which needs replacing yearly, but as we have lots of rechargeable ones, this isn't too much of an extra outlay or inconvenience.  I'm gradually dragging myself into the future with regard to technology.  Another small step for some and a giant leap for me and I no longer need a mouse mat which is an added bonus.

The next thing I'm loving lately is this dental floss from Radius.  I bought it from Naturisimo along with a second reel of silk floss that I will be trying next.  I find it very easy to use after trying to use a plastic tape type of floss, recommended by my dentist. This felt softer and gentler on my gums, however, it is quite fibrous, as it is made from a natural substance.  Although this particular floss isn't biodegradable, the silk one is, and both are vegan and natural, so I am happier using them, than some well known dental brands.  It is slightly more expensive at £3.99 for a 50m reel, but I am happy to pay that to avoid the discomfort I felt with other brands and to have the knowledge that they are natural products and the silk at least is biodegradable.

Another Christmas gift that I'm loving lately is my Easiyo yoghurt maker. I've finally got around to using it this week as mentioned in another post and have made 2 litres of yoghurt so far.  I've just ordered some low fat flavours, to create more and healthier choices than the full fat sachets I had. This is the mini version which seems to be only available at Lakeland.  The mini sachets seem to only be available here too, but I'm going to use larger sachets and divide them into two pots.  I'm thinking I should actually have gone for the larger version now, but I'm happy to use this one, so that nothing goes to waste.  Here's a picture of the latest yoghurt I made - strawberry flavour.

Finally, my last item is this book that I borrowed from the library before Christmas.

It is written by the Gandy Brothers and tells the story of how they and their siblings were orphaned in the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka in 2004.  It is a very interesting book that recalls their life before, during and after this devastating catastrophic event and how it influenced their decision to create their own social enterprise business, Gandys, a company making rubber flip flops, the sale of which helps support a home for orphans in Sri Lanka.

I didn't actually get to read much of this over the Christmas break, as I'd hoped as I was finishing another book I had started. but came back to it on New Year's Day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and would certainly recommend it. Definitely a thought provoking and inspiring book and it was fascinating to read about how they built their brand from scratch.  As I have a pair of these flip flops, I can also vouch for what a good product they are, as they are very comfortable to wear.

I'll be back again soon with more things I'm loving lately.

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