Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Loving on YouTube Right Now

Following on from my Loving on TV post yesterday, I thought I would do a post about some of the YouTube channels that I've been particularly enjoying watching lately.

The first channel is Sophia's channel at My Great Challenge.  I've mentioned her channel before with regard to the DIY projects she attempts, but this month as well as continuing with her Bathroom Makeover challenge, she has made a series of One Hour Cleaning videos to show what can be achieved if you set aside an hour here and there to do a bit of cleaning.

I might use this type of system in the new cleaning routine I'm trying to instigate.  Setting myself a time limit to do what I can within, can seem a lot less overwhelming than spending prolonged periods totally blitzing a room from top to bottom.

Sophia speeds up the process for the purpose of the video, so the videos aren't in fact all that long, but I love watching these to get a bit of inspiration and motivation for tackling areas of the house that really need it.

I particularly liked her recent One Hour Kitchen Cleaning Video (especially watching the dog licking the dirty plates in the dishwasher - cute!) and her husband coming in covered in snow after she'd finished.  Just so typical of family life.

She's funny and I really like her gutsy, down to earth attitude. Check out some of her room makeover videos too, she's really not frightened to get stuck into DIY.

The second channel that I've been enjoying this January is Kristy's channel at The Former Mrs Jones. She is a  follower of Dave Ramsey's Live Live Like No-one Else budget management programme and has been on a No Spend Month during January.

She also posts cleaning videos, grocery haul videos and other videos about the family's daily life.  I enjoy her videos as she is really unaffected and has a really positive attitude towards living a frugal lifestyle.

Another channel that I've really been enjoying lately, a UK one this time, has been Mikhaila's channel at Diary of a Spendaholic.  A self-confessed makeup and clothes hoarder, she has been posting a series of decluttering videos this January and has gone through several rooms in her house, trying to declutter at least 10 items from each one.

We all need a bit of encouragement from time to time to keep the decluttering process going and I've found some of her videos have inspired me to go and declutter a few more things.

Hop over onto YouTube and check out these channels, I hope you find some of their videos provide you with inspiration too.


  1. I get side tracked with the funny cat channels lol! I read somewhere about sorting out one cupboard every day and I have been following this idea.

  2. I love The Former Mrs Jones too! Kristy is wonderful! Also love a channel called Gazelle Intents. All so inspiring when on a money saving journey.
    I'll need to check out the other great channels that you have mentioned.... Thankyou for the information.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. She is lovely isn't she. I'll take a look at Gazelle Intents, I think she might have mentioned them in one of her videos recently.

  3. I've not seen The Former Mrs. Jones but I am a big Dave Ramsey fan, we use his babysteps and I listen to his show online most days.

    I don't think I could commit to a full hour of cleaning without a break, I'm very much a Flylady girl in that regard!