Sunday, 24 January 2016

Another Give and Take Event

Saturday was the day of another local Give and Take Event, where you donate any unwanted household/kitchen items, books, clothes, etc. and local people can take them away for free.  As stated in the marketing for the event, it's like a jumble sale without any money changing hands.

As mentioned in my post the other day, I had 3 boxes and two carrier bags full of unwanted items (plus a child's bike) that we've gathered together over the last couple of months, that I took along to this event.

I had to wait for OH to get back from an out of town dog walk, before I could head off, so I spent most of the morning sweeping through the house, as so much mud gets brought in from dog walks. I washed up, put some washing on and tidied around trying to thin out the kitchen worktops and put things away that I had been ignoring for weeks, but which were unnecessarily cluttering the house up. It felt very satisfying.

This month's event was taking place at the furthest edge of the borough, so I had to use the sat nav to find my way there, but it wasn't too tricky to find this time, unlike some I've been to.

It wasn't, however, very easy to drop off the items, as there was absolutely no parking available and I had to double park to unload.  As a consequence, I didn't get to go around myself this time and see if there was anything I wanted to take home with me, but it's probably just as well as I'm trying to reduce the stuff we've got, not acquire more.

It also occurred to me on the way home that I really should take some photographs from an event one time and post them here on the blog, to give a more visual idea of these events, which I really like and think are a wonderful idea.  I may try that next time I go to one where I get the chance to walk around myself.

Once home, it did feel good to get all of the boxes and bags out of the house.  Having made some space in the sewing room, I was inspired to finally get the ladders out and OH put the Christmas bags back in the loft and some of the plastic tubs back on the shelves.

We now have room to dismantle the single bed, ready to donate that to the next event in the borough and free up the space for our current bed to be moved into this room when our new bed arrives.

It's like being on a merry go round here sometimes, but I find by constantly moving things around, you eventually do find just the right spot for everything and when you do it makes life so much easier and run so much smoother.  I'm almost there, but not quite.

Anyway, the remainder of Saturday afternoon was spent tidying around the sewing room and then I spent a couple of hours doing some quilting. I'm super broke, it being the last week of January, so making something from nothing is the best thing I can think of to do with my time this week.  The Christmas quilt is coming along well and I'm hoping to have it all but finished by the end of the month.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. We use freecycle to get rid of bigger items, you join your local one, add the items you don't want, anyone who wants them emails you and then you call them to arrange collection, we love it because we don't have to deliver items, but we have twice helped someone out by delivering. I love the fact there is always someone who will take your unwanted items.

    1. Yes, I like that too. So much better than dumping them. I don't really use freecycle at all really, I used to check it now and again when it first started years ago and I first got my allotment. It might be useful for getting rid of the single bed if we don't find anyone who wants it.

  2. Those Give and Take occasions seem a really good idea.

    1. I love them. I love that they're open to anyone to give or take too. Very democratic.

  3. We don't have Give and Take events here, but we do have a Free Garage Sale Site. I may just have to look into donating to this instead of a place that resells my donations, even if it is for a good cause.

    God bless.