Wednesday, 20 January 2016

One Down, Nine to Go - Project 10 Pan

The above title does of course refer to the Project 10 Pan challenge that I set myself towards the end of last year.  It has taken six weeks, but I have finally finished using one of the ten beauty items that I am focusing on using up in this project.

The item in question is the Clinique chubby stick lipstick pictured here.

I have been using it virtually daily for the past six weeks, and although it didn't have much left to it, as can be attested to by the photograph, it still took a good long while to use up completely.

I must admit that focussing on this project has made me realise how long many things actually last and how few beauty items you actually need to own.  I guess most of us do like a bit of choice and so often buy more than one lipstick, for example, which is what the cosmetic companies rely on in their clever marketing and by constantly bringing out new ranges and colours.

A couple of the other items on the list of 10 are nearing their end, so I'll post again when more
progress has been made.


  1. I am currently having a good clear out and must admit I am quite ruthless with organising rather than throwing out. Good stuff!

  2. Good going on clearing out your beauty products.

    One down and 9 to go isn't bad at all.

    God bless.