Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Birthday Girl

This week it was LB's 13th birthday. It's  hard to believe how quickly that has come around.  It seems like yesterday that she was a gorgeous little toddler.  I understand now, when people talk about enjoying their childhood, as before you know it they're all grown up.  It's true.

She had a couple of friends round on the night of her birthday to watch a new TV series that was starting on Netflix and is having a big sleepover here with 6 friends on Saturday evening.  Needless to say, I'll be spending much of the rest of the week cleaning the house in readiness. I'm not sure where they're all going to sleep, but I'm sure they'll work it out between themselves.

I've bought the hot chocolate and popcorn.  Just need to get some ice cream and Coca Cola and we'll probably order in pizza for them all as a treat.  At least there's no party bags anymore, which is one headache I don't miss.

LB has now got to the age where although she enjoys opening some gifts, she is happy to receive money to spend herself, so at this time of year she tends to have more cash to spend than I do.  I'm sure a shopping trip will feature at some point in the near future, as she's still got vouchers and cash from Christmas to spend.  Oh to be young and have no responsibilities.

Talking of Christmas cash, I had a little splurge myself on Monday at TK Maxx, as I had some Christmas gift money to spend myself.  I treated myself to some chunky bamboo socks, a new black zip around purse, some green cable Hunter wellie socks (so I've got a spare pair when my others are in the wash) and a few other bits and pieces that cost very little.  I also bought a big high necked sweater from H&M in the sale for £10, which should come in handy as the weather is due to change imminently.

There wasn't really much that I needed.  I still have £10 left to spend, but will save it for when I see something I really need.

Once all the birthday celebrations are over, I will finally get around to filing my tax return!


  1. Happy Birthday to LB. Wow she is now a teenager.

    I still think of our sons as being young (well I guess in comparison to Hubby and I they are) and sometimes find myself wishing for those days back.

    Enjoy the time you have with her.

    God bless.

  2. I want some welly socks - a local saddlery shop is closing down so they were have a massive sale. I got some really posh wellies at a give away price. I'm not into brands but apparantly Kate has a pair! lol!

    1. I bought my first pair of Hunter welly socks on eBay. They were used, but had only been worn once or twice so were in really good condition. The new ones I just bought were £15 from TK Maxx but the full retail price is more like £30 for the cable knit topped ones. They certainly jazz up my wellies and keep my feet warm too. If your boots are for riding and quite tight fitting, be careful in case they are too thick to fit inside. Mine are loose fitting builders wellies so they work well.