Monday, 25 January 2016

LB's Wardrobe Rejuvenation Begins

As intended in my New Year Aims this year, this month I have made a start on rejuvenating LB's wardrobe.  I was aided and abetted by the sales and although it meant spending a little more than I wanted to on my cards this month, it made sense to take advantage of the really good sale prices and I managed to find her some great items that she is really happy with. (The balances will get paid straight off next month!)

Thus far, I have replenished her stock of black jersey leggings, a staple of her wardrobe.  They're useful both for general wear and for PE at school.  I initially bought her two pairs from H&M (her favourite brand) and then when an item I ordered for myself in the sales didn't fit, I returned it and exchanged it for another two pairs.

I also bought her a new pair of black tracksuit bottoms, which can also can be worn in school for PE and outside of school for lounge wear.  I ended up liking these myself and treated myself (from my Christmas gift money) to two pairs in my size, to wear to the gym in winter, as they are thicker than my usual hareem pants. In addition, I purchased some new underwear for her which was badly needed.  I opted for slightly more expensive items this time, which I'm hoping will last much longer and wear better.

I did also buy some non-clothing items for her wardrobe, namely new felt covered coat hangers. The ones she was using were children's sized coat hangers and just weren't big enough to hold her clothes any longer, causing them to slip off and drop on the floor in a crumpled heap.  (Very irritating after I've taken the time to iron them).  Two packs of 10 at £3.50 each and this problem should now be resolved, and a lot of frustration avoided from now on.  The old wooden coat hangers, all 25 of them, have now been added to the donation pile and will be sent to the charity shop, where they can either use them, or sell them.

My final purchases this sale season for LB's wardrobe were from ASOS, where I was able to purchase some lovely and moreover, inexpensive skater skirts and a button front denim skirt which she loves.  She currently only has her school skirts to wear, which she sometimes wears out of school, so she was super happy with these and loves wearing them.  It's nice to see her enjoying her new clothes and I was happy because she can now save her school skirts for school use only.

Funds for any further purchases have now dried up for this month, but I may purchase a  couple more items next month, if I can afford to.  The purchases I've made already, however, will go a long way towards making her wardrobe work much better for her.  It's been a while since I've spent money on clothes for her, but it feels good to now treat her to some new items.

In addition to my purchases, she has also purchased a sweater with her birthday/Christmas money and has received two pairs of trainers as birthday/Christmas gifts, so she is now pretty sorted on the footwear front for the time being.  I do still need to re-heel her school shoes (again!!) and at some point buy her a couple of new school shirts, which I will try to do next month.

I'm now well on my way to fulfilling this particular aim for 2016, although as the seasons progress, there may be more purchases necessary.  Just part and parcel of having a now not so small person in the family who is still growing.


  1. Those felt covered hangars are great - I've replaced all my old ones with these. You got them at a good price.

    1. They work a lot better. They were from Primark and had 50p off in the sale. I did see some really good value sets in TK MAXX though, after I'd bought them.

  2. I need some of those type of hangers. Every so often a blouse or top will slip off the wooden hanger and I find it on the bottom of the closet.

    God bless.

  3. Reading this has just reminded me of a huge bag of coathangers in our village hall - my friend comes on a Friday and as she works in a charity shop I always try to give her a couple of bags of stuff I have been sorting through - I'll give her the hangers.