Thursday, 12 December 2013

Winter Wonderland

This morning when I headed out with the dog it was a veritable winter wonderland.  There'd been a hard frost over night and everything had a lovely glistening white coating.  It was pretty foggy too, so much so that at times I could hardly see very far ahead of me.  It made walking the dog a bit spooky and I picked my route carefully.  You could hear voices, but couldn't see the people they were emanating from.  It was beautiful though.

On account of it being so cold, I put the dog's new coat on.  It's a little blue wool one I bought for her last year, but it was far too big to use then.  It still is a little on the large side, but I didn't know exactly how big she was going to grow when she was a tiny puppy.  She does look cute in it. 

OH wasn't very happy.  He doesn't think that dogs need a coat and refused to use it on his walks with the dog.  To be honest I can see his point, but I do like to molly coddle her sometimes and she's just so darn cute in it, I just couldn't resist.  My argument is that she loses so much heat through her little pads when the ground is so cold, that any heat that you can keep in her is a good thing.  I'm only going to use it on really cold days because to be honest she wasn't that struck with it herself.  She soon forgot that she had it on though and it didn't hinder her walk any.

I didn't manage to take any pictures this morning, so I got her to model it again (reluctantly) for me tonight when I took her around the block.  Aaahhh!  (Please excuse the cobweb behind the front door!)

Anyway, on the Christmas front, today hasn't been too bad.  I've managed to finish the rest of my Christmas gift wrapping and I've taken delivery of a present for OH that I wasn't sure was going to arrive before Christmas, so that was a plus.  I now really need to focus on cleaning the house and putting up the tree, the decorations and stringing up the Christmas cards that are starting to arrive.

I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along nicely.


  1. aww sweet little coat. I am very behind with Christmas decorations, prep and presents for Joe.... mild panic !

    1. Maybe you'll get a chance to catch up a bit now all the birthday celebrations are completed.

  2. You are so organised. I am all over the place this year We've done lots of festive things but they don't really add up to a Christmassy feeling. There's a pile of gifts on the spare bed but who knows if they add up to a stocking for everyone!

    1. I always try to get the wrapping done before my daughter finishes school around the 20th as it saves all the subterfuge. At least if she goes peaking now it's all wrapped.

      I need to do the decorations, but just can't seem to motivate myself. Maybe this weekend. I know I'll feel more ready for Christmas when they're up.

      I think because we're having visitors this year for the first time in 15 years, I know I'm going to be busy cleaning in the last few days, so I'm doing everything else now if I can.