Friday, 20 December 2013

A Spot of Pottering

Today, I'm having a lovely day pottering about doing this and that.  Thinning out the kitchen clutter before a deep clean tomorrow, rehoming all the detritus that builds up over the weeks.  It's been driving OH mad recently and I do have to admit that it has been particularly bad in the lead up to Christmas.

Yesterday, I did a deep clean of Little Bird's bedroom.  It was in a particularly bad state but I got to grips with it eventually although it did take most of the day.  She thinks it feels a bit bare now.  Well, tough.  It's staying that way for a few weeks as her grandparents will be sleeping in there over Christmas. 

I had to venture out to the school for Little Bird's Christmas concert which was good.  It was her last one at this school, which was quite poignant.  Anyway, she came home with me and helped me finish off the last bit of sorting.  We went through everything with a dose of salts and quite a lot got thrown away, quite a lot put in the box for the Charity shop and some kept back for selling on eBay.  It felt incredibly good to get that job out of the way and good to get rid of a few things as she'll be getting plenty more for Christmas and we need some room for it.  I just need to keep on top of it on a daily basis now and maybe do a quick tidy and a bit of furniture moving and bed making on Christmas Eve and it will be set.

Today the focus has moved to the kitchen and my kitchen table office which I am slowly packing away as it is not going to be used again until the New Year.  I'm looking forward to everything being cleared and clean.  It will be a good way to start the New Year.  Little Bird finishes school at 2pm today so I'm going to take her with me to take the boxes and bags to the charity shop and then do a few errands in town.

I've also managed to spend a little time on my hand sewn lap quilt today and have now pinned the front, back and wadding together.  I can't wait to sew them on the machine.  It's quite exciting that it is finally coming together.  More in another post when I'm done.  If I do get them sewn together today, then I will have a couple of evenings to hand sew the binding around it and it might even be done by Christmas.  Fingers crossed.


  1. You've been doing what I should have ! Ah well, it's only us for Christmas with our own mess !

    1. No pressure for you so you can relax and enjoy it. I would do exactly the same if we weren't having visitors.