Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Few Final Touches and a Last Reveal Before Christmas

The cleaning has all been done, the guests have arrived (and are out walking the dog with OH)  I've now recovered from the last minute preparations and have added a few finishing touches to our Christmas decorations.  Ribbons were threaded through the Ikea gingerbread ready to hang on the tree.

I also had a go at making my own Christmas pot pourri from citrus fruit and cinnamon sticks.  The smells wafting out of the oven whilst doing this were amazing might I add.

Just in time for Christmas I have also finally finished my hand sewn lap quilt.  It's taken me probably six months from start to finish, but I've really enjoyed making it.  Part of it was done on our travels to the US this year, where I prepared many of the pieces whilst travelling around in the camper van.  It will always remind me of a very special holiday.

I had a tricky time machining the front, back and wadding together as it slipped a little despite using a thinner wadding than I've used previously, so it didn't turn out quite as perfect as I'd have liked, but isn't that just like life.  I'm really pleased with the finished result though and look forward to snuggling under it to watch TV should we get some very cold weather this winter. (Although the new wood burner is doing a fab job of keeping the house a lot warmer).  Here's a final couple of pictures of the quilt.


I gave up on the rag wreath as it wasn't turning out half as nice as the one I'd made previously.  I've decide to save the Christmas fabric scraps for the diamond Christmas quilt and stick with the fabric wreath I already have.  There'll be no more making this year as from this point on I'm going to relax and enjoy the festive season. 

I'd just like to say that I hope that everyone who reads this and who has been reading my blog this year has a wonderful festive season.  I will still be reading blogs over the festive period when I get the chance, but will not be posting everyday as we will be moving around quite a bit and won't necessarily have internet access.  I will, however, post a few pre-written blog posts as and when I get the chance.  I look forward to resuming blogging properly in the New Year, but until then

and thank you so much for reading, commenting and supporting me in my blogging efforts in 2013.  Blog on.


  1. Happy Christmas to you all. I really like the look of your homemade festive pot pourri & well done for finishing your quilt.

    It's been great to meet you here and in person xxxx

  2. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you a little too. Have a wonderful family Christmas and a super New Year.