Monday, 2 December 2013

A Busy Sunday

This Sunday was a busy one.  It started with my usual class at the gym which I always enjoy.  Little Bird came along and went for a swim whilst I was in my class.  We stopped off at a garage on the way home so OH could fill up the car, check the tyres and he also did a quick car wash which was desperately needed.

When we got home I did a bit of catching up with some work and then we decided to get our small stand alone freezer out of the shed where it's been stored for the past year, as I want to defrost our freezer but can't seem to empty it completely.  We thought it might also be useful to have in the house in the run up to Christmas to store food in, as our fridge freezer doesn't have a large capacity.  To get it out we had to virtually empty the shed and then put everything (or almost everything) back.  I decided to get rid of a few bits whilst I was in there.

After sorting through the shed I decided to tidy the garden a bit.  It was long overdue.  I dug over one of the borders, took the odd plant out that was dying or past it's best and then swept up lots of leaves from our decking.  It looked a whole lot better for it.  It's got that bare winter look again.  I just have the other border to tidy and then I can leave it for the winter.

I then had to have a quick shower and change before we took Little Bird to meet up with her school choir at a local Christmas market.  It was sweet to see her up there singing.  We stopped off for a fish and chips  takeaway supper on the way home as a treat.

Sunday night I spent putting the finishing touches (i.e. addresses) on my Christmas cards ready to send them out tomorrow.  There's a few to go abroad so I need to send them off.  I always feel so much better when they're safely in the post and I don't have to worry about getting them done.   I then needed to catch up with various jobs before the new week started, before settling down to watch David Dimbleby's Britain at Sea.  I hope your weekend was a good one.


  1. That sounds like a great weekend.
    We are meeting at the railway station at 10.30 & walk in to town for the markets.
    Hope you can join us x

    1. That sounds perfect. I think I'll be able to recognise you and Jess from photos on your blog. I may email you to let you know what I'll be wearing. Sounds like some romantic rendezvous!

  2. he he, If you email me I can give you my mobile number.
    I've had a few bloggy dates & we've always known each other. Alix is meeting us at the station & Jo will meet us in town x

    1. Will do, just in case I'm running a bit late and need to meet you somewhere else.