Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

This weekend the Christmas decorations came down from the loft.  All packed in my lovely Lakeland storage solutions. I've mentioned before that my nick name at home is Mrs Receptacle.  I like everything to have it's own place and storage solution.  Although if you saw our house you might disagree as it isn't the most tidy house on the planet.  Organised chaos perhaps. 

These storage solutions, however, are actually incredibly useful.  I bought them a few years ago and they keep everything together and neatly stored away for the year.  They're pretty too.  I had a look the other day on Lakeland's website and they don't seem to sell them anymore, which is a pity as they have been great.  Maybe they didn't sell well. 

Anyway, there's a round one which is just the right size for my wreath and a couple of other bits I slot into the middle of it to store away. 

A long one for rolls of wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, etc.,


and then a large rectangular box for everything else. 

I must admit that I've accumulated more bits and pieces over the last few years and I can now fill another box too, but this year I'm going to have a good sort out and give away anything we no longer use and see if I can get everything into the three containers.  I tend to leave Christmas cards out so I can send them off before the box comes out of storage, or at least write them in readiness as sometimes we don't get it down until much later in December.  We're quite organised this year.  OH bought a new stepladder this weekend so we could get access to the loft again.

Little Bird got quite excited at the idea of the decorations coming out of storage, only to be deflated when we told her they weren't going up for another week or two.  I want to have a good sort through first and make sure there's nothing else we need or that I'm not duplicating anything.  When do your decorations come out and go up?


  1. My tree is up and always goes up the first weekend of December. After Boxing Day I'll detest it so it'll come down around 27th.


    1. I just read your post for today and the tree looks lovely. I love the Michael Kors bag too.

  2. Mrs Receptacle ! ha ha ha !

    I decorate after Jess's birthday, around December 15th. Then they stay up til tweftth night.