Thursday, 19 December 2013

Last Minute Late Night Shopping and a Sickly Dog

Last night we ventured out to our local large shopping mall for a bit of last minute late night shopping.  It's the only chance OH gets really, as he's too busy working during the day, and weekends are a big no no as it gets too crowded.

I didn't have a lot of shopping left to do, I just needed one small gift for someone, so I went off my way and OH and Little Bird went another and we met up later.  I made sure I checked my finances before I ventured out and found I had no money left to spend either, so I made sure not to buy any extras at the last minute.  It was a good move.

OH did give me a little money to get myself a couple of things I wanted from him.  As a consequence I popped into Primark and bought my third and final pair of Supersoft skinnies in purple this time.  I've been meaning to get this pair for ages, but didn't have any spare money at the moment.  I also bought a casual top too.  Luckily they had some tills for 3 items or less so I didn't have to wait in a huge queue and was out of the store quickly.  Perfect.

Two hours later and we're on our way home thankfully.   The dog had been a bit ill tonight and I was worried about leaving her.  She'd vomited a few times earlier in the day.  When we got in she was okay, but not looking good as she had just vomited again.  OH scooped her up and sat her on his lap for a couple of hours and then he slept downstairs to keep an eye on her all night.  She had several more vomiting incidents, but by the morning was looking a bit better (OH wasn't looking too good though).  She managed to drink some water and eat a little which was a good sign.  I'm hoping she's on the mend.  She's still not got too much energy though so I didn't need to take her out this morning.  As a consequence I've had quite a leisurely morning as Little Bird also took herself off to school.

I'm going to start some more cleaning today to get the house ready for our visitors and this afternoon there's a performance at the school.  I'm looking forward to the end of the week and no more school for a few weeks.


  1. Poor pup !
    The village school has broken up already - quite early I thought for excited children.
    We have decided to just go to the local town & not venture into Southampton tomorrow which would be madness.

  2. I don't blame you. I've just received my last parcel through the post so I'm staying put now and getting the house in order.