Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Making a Christmas Stocking

Tonight, I decided to do a bit of making.  I've been caught up with other tasks of late and have sadly neglected doing anything creative, although I have various projects on the go all at different stages of completion.

The project I decided to complete tonight was a new one, namely making a Christmas stocking for Little Bird, as she doesn't have one at present.  As there's only a couple of weeks to go I thought I'd better get a move on and make one.  I caught a glimpse of one I liked when out and about shopping the other week, but at £20 I couldn't justify spending that much when there is so much else to pay for around Christmas time, so I decided to make my own version.

It was a good choice of  project for using up lots of left over pieces of festive looking fabric too.  I made it in a similar vein to my recent quilting efforts in that I machine sewed lots of fabric strips together until I had enough to cut out one large stocking shape from it.

For the back I cut out another stocking shape in one of the fabrics used and  I then cut out another two stocking shapes in a plain fabric for the lining. 

I then put the sewn together lining stocking inside the turned out outer stocking so that the right side of the lining fabric formed the inside of the stocking and the right side of the outer stocking was on the outside (I know this sounds confusing but bear with me).   I then sewed the two stockings together around the top.  I  used some more of the lining fabric to bind the top and cover the stitching, which I attached by hand.   I also added a loop of contrasting fabric at the back to thread a ribbon through and ironed on a little bird (for Little Bird) for decoration. 

She was really pleased with it and it is plenty big enough for a few stocking fillers from Santa.  Here is the finished article hung from the door handle.

As you can see it isn't the perfect stocking shape, it's a bit square toed on account of me rushing it a little, but once it's been filled with a few bits and pieces I think it will look a lot better.   I was pretty pleased with it though as it cost me nothing but my time as I had all the materials to hand. 
It also had an added benefit in that it got me back in the sewing room where I completed another project that I have been meaning to finish for a while, but just couldn't motivate myself to do, namely the padded table runner.  I'll do another reveal shortly.  So two items ticked off my Christmas to do list making me a very happy bunny.


  1. a really nice idea to have a home made stocking. Very jolly Christmas colours.

  2. Thanks Penny. I just have to find a few things to fill it now, well Santa does anyway.